Monday 31 May 2010

Lovea Bio L' Argan Shine Shampoo- A Review For My Pure


The final product in May's parcel from My Pure was a shampoo - Lovea Bio L'Argan Shine Shampoo. Originating in France My Pure is currently the only UK stockist of Lovea products, which are certified as organic and are paraben free.
I was super pleased to be sent a shine shampoo, because as you know shine is a major issue for me and my over processed, coloured hair, and so was Mummy LouLou how also used this product for this review :)
I was especially pleased to be sent a product containing Argan oil even though this products contains just 0.3%.For those of you who haven't heard of it Argan oil is produced in only one part of the world Essaouira, in Morocco (hence it's often described as Moroccan oil). It is often described as a miracle product it's a multi purpose oil that can be used on the hair, and on the skin, it's high in antioxidents so it can help protect and repair cells and it has been said to boost moisture content. This shampoo also contains peppermint leaf oil which has been said to boost scalp circulation, when it's used in hair products. Despite the obvious good ingredients here I did find one potential nasty in Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate - whilst not something I want in a so called natural shampoo, this is less of an issue than SLS but still something that I don't feel is necessary.
Anyway what do I think, well this shampoo comes in the traditional squeezy tube, it's bright yellow in colour and features a picture of the Argan nut. The writing on the packaging is mostly French but that is to be expected from a French manufactured product.
The product comes out perhaps a little too easily when you squeeze it - the hole is probably a little bit too big for such a runny consistency, when you turn the bottle upside down the shampoo tends to collect in the lid.
Probably because of the thin consistency, and the lack of chemical ingredients I found you needed quite a bit of shampoo on my just past shoulder length hair. The shampoo lathered well and smelled really nice. Neither me nor Mummy Lou Lou could place the smell - the only thing we could agree on that it was quite fruity, maybe citrusy? maybe with a coconut holiday smell - lol sorry for the vagueness but we did both like the smell :). I also rinsed out pretty easily but I did find that it left my hair a little bit tangled and knotted so I had to use a conditioner - Mummy Lou Lou didn't find this however on her short hair, and didn't feel that she needed a conditioner afterwards. Lovea claim that this shampoo "brings health and vitality to dull, lifeless hair" and I have to say I think it did - my hair certainly looked a lot more alive and a lot less crispy especially on my blonde streaks. I have to say my mum probably loved this shampoo where as I merely liked it. She has naturally curly, greying (but dyed:) hair which can feel quite coarse, she found that this shampoo left her hair a lot softer, and a lot shiner and made it easier to style. So huge thumbs up from her a slight waiver from me the consistency, the sulfate and the tangling lose it points from me. Lovea Bio L' Argan Shine Shampoo is available in the UK exclusively from My Pure and retails for £4.99 for 200ml.

(As you know I was sent this product by My Pure for review purposes. This hasn't affected my review in any way this is my opinion and mine alone)

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