Wednesday 27 May 2009

Drugstore Haul :)


Had a mini drugstore haul today :)

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara - The one with the sputnick applicator - haven't got a clue what this is like but it looks interesting and there was £2 off in Boots :)

beautyuk eyeshadow collection No 3 - I haven't got this one but the brights palette still proves elusive

Collection 2000 Blush - 01 Oh So Pretty - Gorgeous slightly shimmery peachy blush with a gorgeous embossed floral design

Too Faced Lockdown Shadow - Prisoner of Love - Nice shimmery pink cream shadow - read about these on the fabulous blog "too much blush" and I am always looking for new cream shadows - I love the textures of creams but I always find they crease so I am going to give this a go fingers crossed its a winner

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover - A HG product - non stinging and it removes everything- Botanics were on buy one get one half price today so...

Boots Botanics Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes - I wouldn't recommend wipes for regular cleansing but once in a while is OK - these are great they don't sting and they aren't drying

L'Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Fluid Day - a leave in conditioner treatment with royal jelly extract - I saw this products on Laura aka Lollipop26 's fabulous YouTube channel - I've only tried it once but so far so good - I have really dry ends so I just rubbed a little into them and I could see a difference - L'Oreal hair products were also on buy one get one half price in both Boots and Superdrug so...

L'Oreal Elvive Re Nutrition Caring Shampoo
- thought I would try the matching shampoo :)

Well there you go if you want any more details let me know and I'll try and let you know what I think

ETA - Also bought a mini Nivea deodorant for my handbag


  1. Do you spot how long the Botanics remover was on offer for? Need to stock up.

  2. No I didn't hun sorry - I got the last remover they had so its probably been on for a while - I ordered some stuff from Boots online at the begining of the month and it was on then so I wouldn't imagine it would be on for much longer

  3. Would love to hear what the L'Oreal mascara is like Louise.

    Have invited you to my blog btw x

  4. will do Helen - didn't know you blogged ;)


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