Sunday 10 May 2009

7 Days - Relief, Baking and More

Its been an odd 7 days for lots of reasons but we are back to normal - well there or therabouts but in the last 7 days lots of things have still made me happy

1)My mum getting out of hospital - much of my up and down week was due to my mum being in hospital - her operation was a success but she had a bit of inflamation so they ended up keeping her in for an extra few days - but shes back now at home recuperating. Me and my mum are really, ridicuously close - probably something to do with me being an only child and I have to say I really missed her - On my bad ME days she really is my rock and I am so pleased shes back I really rely on her so much at times and probably take her for granted but I can't imagine life without her

2)Chocolate Caramel Nuggets - I have seen this recipe posted on a few foodie blogs namely Penelope's Pantry and originally Cherrapeno All I can say is thank you ladies! I mangaged to adapt the recipe pretty well with gluten free flour, and a touch of Xanthan gum, although I did find I needed some more liquid. Apologies that there are no pictures but there isn't any left but don't worry I will definitely be making these again :)

3) ELF Moisture Care Lip Colour - Baby Lips <3 - My first ELF purchase and its love with this item. I am loving the colour and the finish and the fact it doesn't leave my lips dry - a winner!

4) I've made loads of nice purchases this week but one had really stood out - OPI -Done Out In Deco Nail Polish - Apologies I can't get a good picture but there are plenty out there I've borrowed this one from ASOS- it is in fact a gorgeous creamy lilac - a perfect match for my new Mary Quant Eyeshadow

5) I made quite a juvenile purchase this week a copy of Hello Kitty magazine / comic - Ok its probably for 8 year olds but it came with a fabulous free gift a Hello Kitty mobile / iPod sock. How could something this cute by tacky :)

6) The final thing that has made my super happy is you - my blog readers thank you so much for everybody that has started to follow me both here and on twitter and for all the nice comments regarding my blog. I really, really appreciate it I never thought for one minute anybody would be interested in my ramblings - a huge, huge thank you and big love to you all x


  1. LouLou, I am sooo pleased your mum is on the mend. It must have been a horrid week for you both :(

    On the other hand WHERE did you get that Hello Kitty sock!? I adore it!! x

  2. Glad your Mum's out of hospital hun :-)

    That nail polish looks nice. I'm in L.O.V.E with MAC's Love + f'ship nailpolish. It's like a cupcake for nails!

    You know I have no love for that damn Kitty cat so will pass commenting on your sock LOL

  3. LOL thanks Yinka I know you love it really ;) It came free with a copy of a magazine called believe it or not Hello Kitty - I think its a pre teen type thing based on the articles inside i.e the fashion was from Tammy but I just bought it at a tiny off licence / general dealers/ newsagents so I am sure it should be easy to get hold of - it was worth it for the sock :)
    I am sure I have one similar already to Love and Friendship and done out in deco to be honest possibly by nails inc so I don't know know why I bought it really :( but it was so pretty and the ebay seller was really decent
    The only one I want thats currently out is Peppermint Patti but it seems to have gone so I am going to try and find the Barry M alternative :(

    Thanks for your good wishes regarding my mum - she is a little bit dopes up and still in a bit of pain but at least she is home


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