Sunday 3 May 2009

8 Things Tag

Just got this from Girl With The Golden Touch - Thanks Carla My First Tag :)

8 Things I look forward to -
My Birthday - Just Under Two Weeks Now
Holidays - I really want a holiday this year
Summer - I really hope we get a nice summer this year - I neeeeed sunshine
Being Healthy and Getting Rid Of My ME
Parcels Coming - I love getting goodies through the post
The MAC website updating
Finishing A Beauty Product or Starting A New One - Its always satisfying to finish a product and it super exciting starting a new one
My mum getting out of hospital

8 Things I did yesterday
Drank A Glass of Wine
Used NARS Orgasm Blush
Visited My Mum In Hospital
Cleaned The Cat Litter Tray
Placed a Dorothy Perkins and an ELF order
Made A Get Well Card
Used Dry Shampoo On My Hair

8 Things I wish I could do-
Live in New York :) (I'm with you Carla)
Play a musical instrument
Recover from my ME and be a healthy person
Eat Wheat without feeling ill
Be a lot thinner
Drive, I had lessons a few years ago and I'm just too scared (I'm with you here as well )
Meet Mr Right
Stop Spending Money

8 Shows I watch-
Sex and the City
Goks Fashion Fix
Ugly Betty
QVC Generally
Market Kitchen
Grow Your Own Drugs
Match of the Day

I tag these 8 lovely Bloggers -

I don't think I follow 8 blogs at the mo and pretty much everyone I do has already been tagged so here is a few that maybe haven't been or I may be duping them too

Geeky Weirdo Chick
Em From A Passion For Fashion
Sadie from Butterfly Wings
Emma at Magpie Sparkles

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