Sunday 3 May 2009

7 Days - Scarves and Blusher

I've decided to do a weekly post for you and for myself really, on everything that I've loved or discovered this week, or anything that has influenced me in any positive way - I spend too much time thinking negative thoughts and I really should look at some of the positives no matter how small.

5 major things this week :)

  1. First up this week is Nars Orgasm blusher - I have had this for ages but for some reason I just haven't wore it for quite a while. Well I have rediscovered it big style I have worn it solidly for the past few days and I love it makes me look so glowy and healthy - I am in love with this all over again

  2. Second up, my Barbara Hulanicki girl print scarf from her capsule collection for Top Shop - gorgeous soft silk and a gorgeous colour and pattern - I love this and will wear it lots- sorry for the teeny tiny pic

  3. The Staff at Spire Hospital Washington for being so great with my mum and treating her like she really matters

  4. Linessa Exotic Sorbet Ice Cream Lollies - exactly like Soleros but from Lidl - exotic fruit lolly with a yummy ice cream centre

  5. QVC Craft Day - I love my card making and scrapbooking so a day full of lovely things to buy (I am being good don't worry), and loads of hints and tips - soothing relaxing and just what I need


  1. Good idea hun. I once made a 'happy' scrapbook filled with things I loved... don't know what happened to it though!

  2. Yeah -thanks hun - one of my friends once made a huge collage of things that made her happy or meant something to her- it was fab little pics of chocolate bars , bubble bath books and bands she liked it was really good - people do tend to focus too much on the negative and I'm really trying not too and anything that helps me do that has to be a good thing:)

  3. Great idea! I agree, we all need to focus more on the positive things at times x


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