Tuesday 5 May 2009

Boots Online Haul

I mentioned last week that I had placed a lovely order with Boots online well its just came . I had barely been in the house 10 minutes after coming back from the hospital when the doorbell rang - I never knew DHL delivered at 7.45 at night -I have had the odd thing at about five ish but never so late - very strange ! Anyways back to my haul :)There was a few good offer on last week when I placed my order including a buy one get one half price on Boots Botanics skincare so I stocked up on a few basics. I got a couple of my holy grail eye make up removers, and some cleansing wipes. Since I needed another item to take advantage of of the offer I thought I'd try some of the face wash - I used to use Molton Brown Skinfresh to wash my face in the morning but lately this hasn't been doing the trick so I thought I'd try a few other brands.I decided to go for the Skin Brightening Deep Clean Gel in Normal / Oily as my skin still looks ultra shiny especially in the summer months - I'll keep you posted as to what I think of it. I also got some Soap and Glory Peachy Cream Body Butter which was also on special offer - OMG I love the smell of this it is almost eatable - drool! I also added a couple of make up items to my basket some Urban Decay Primer Potion as I've never tried it, and an Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Kirk (see swatch)I love the colour - a real nude - and the super cute packaging but like others I am not sure about the smell and the taste a cross between coffee and marmite...
Well there was also an offer where if you bought certain Urban Decay products you could get a half price Best of Urban kit - so my being a sucker for a special offer I got the Spandex kit- It looks fab -you get a 24/7 eyeliner in Zero,a silvery glitter eyeshadow called Uzi, A turquoise glitter heavy metal eyeliner called Spandex, and a mini primer potion :)Very excited about playing with this I haven't used much Urban Decay before. I also got some black and white hair wax because I lurvvvvve the smell. I also noticed that one on my favourite print designers Celia Birtwell has done a range of beauty accessories for Boots so I got a brush roll and a gorgeous rose shaped compact mirror Oh and Laura Geller TSV came today I am especially loving the marbled lippy Riviera - Oh happy days x


  1. Nice haul Lou, love having new beauty goodies!! I need to get some more face wipes tomorrow, might give those ones what you got a go!! x

  2. I use the Quick Fix ones - I have to say they are the only one that never irritate my eyes or my skin - I don't use them regularly but they are exactly what they say a qucik fix :)

  3. Just read the Pocket Rocket packaging and the flavour is Creme Brulee - hmm maybe but I am still getting coffee and marmite

  4. What a haul :) Like the colour of the swatch btw. :)


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