Monday 25 May 2009

Porky Pig?

After several weeks of food over indulgence (caramel shortbread, minstrels - nom nom) I tentatively stepped on the scales - argh!!!! Ok I probably way less than a lot of people - sumo wrestlers for example, but I have came to the conclusion that I drastically need to restart my diet. It should be a little easier this time with the weather being a bit warmer, and my being in charge of the majority of shopping and cooking but being of little or no willpower I will probably struggle like mad again but I need to try starting today!


  1. Me and you both and I blogged about it too!!! LOL Seriously, I've been GORGING on fast food and chocolate for months now!!!

    Enough ready! I hate the excess I've gained.

    Have started my new health kick though and am drinking loads of water which I don't do enough of.

    Positive thinking, eating and exercise. We can do it :-)

  2. Pleased to know I am not the only one :( Exercise is the thing with me thanks to my ME I can't do very much now just a tiny bit of yoga or pilates for muscle stretching - :( Need to really cut out the calories to make it matter - I am trying to eat more fruit and veg which I don't eat nearly off which is particularly bad for me since I am veggie :( Cheese is my downfall tho I am a piggy with cheese :@


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