Monday 31 August 2015

Trimming My Stash - August 2015 Edition - Empties And Mini Reviews

Hey Guys x I hope you've all had a lovely Monday x If you're in England at least, you may have been lucky enough to have a day off work - scarily it's the last Bank Holiday before Christmas and looking out the window today it's certainly looking more like autumn /winter than summer :( As per usual summer in the UK has been a bit of a damp squib - we've had a few nice days but to be honest I think that's going to be our lot.

Never mind, a new month equals a new start and instead of bemoaning the lack of sunshine in my life, I'm going to start dreaming about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cosy jumpers. First of all though lets have a look back over the past few weeks and have a look at my August empties.

Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage With Dead Sea Salt And Aloe Vera - 250ml
elf Brush Shampoo - 120ml
Rolanjona Tendering Feet Mask Milk And Bamboo Vinegar Peeling - 1 Pair
May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask - 10ml
Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life - 200ml
Palmolive Mediterranean Moments Shower Milk - 250ml
Total - 6 Items 

I only managed to finish 6 items which is 3 down on last month but I'm still pretty pleased. The two shower gels that I finished were rediscoveries thanks to the bathroom renovations and I have few more stash items that are just about done. I'm still missing my bath but the disruption and the tidying have definitely give me a better idea of what I actually I have and what needs to be used up.

1. Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage With Dead Sea Salt And Aloe Vera - 250ml

This is one of those shower products that I mentioned and this was something that I was sent to review quite a while ago now x You can read my full review here x To be honest I've been using this more as a body scrub rather than an all over body wash and I have to say as someone who isn't normally a fan of aquatic, fresh fragrances I did quite like this one. I think this product has been discontinued now but Palmolive have recently introduced a product called Aroma Sensations Feel The Massage which sounds quite similar.

2. elf Brush Shampoo - 120ml

Washing my make up brushes is one of those thing that I put off for as long as possible. Last week I eventually got round to doing it and as a result I finished this product. It did the job and that was about it. I probably would have repurchased if elf had still been in the UK  but now I'm not really sure what I'm go to use. I sometimes use either an antibacterial tea tree wash or a baby shampoo so they are an option but I'd love to know what you use, so if you could leave me a comment and let me know I'd be really grateful x

3. Rolanjona Tendering Feet Mask Milk And Bamboo Vinegar Peeling - 1 Pair

Feet You either love them or you hate them x I have to say though I'm not particularly bothered either way but mine and so dry at the moment that it's driving me batty! Instead of forking out for some of the more expensive foot peeling socks I decided to try some cheap ones from ebay. Unlike the socks that I've used in the past these ones with just made of the sort of thin, papery fabric, with no plastic outer so you needed to wear them with socks. The socks themselves were drenched with a pleasant, coconut smelling liquid, so you just left them on for an hour, then you rinsed your feet. I used them a week past Friday and as yet I haven't seen any noticeable difference to my feet and as yet they haven't started to peel but there is still time so I'll keep you posted via twitter if you're interested x 

4. May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask - 10ml

After months of playing ball and behaving itself, my skin has had a major flare this month. It's mainly around my chin and jawline so it is probably hormonal but I'm not a happy bunny! I was sent some of these masks to review a little while ago (read my review here) and I really liked them so I bought another set. They really deep cleanse the pores, and I'm hoping that they will stop this breakout in it's tracks.

5. Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life - 200ml

As I've told you on many occasions I have an obsession with scrubs and exfoliators, but when it comes to body scrubs I can be a little bit picky. I love a nice salt or sugar scrub that dissolves in the water, and I hate gritty bits that just don't dissolve. Whilst this one does have particles that dissolve, it does also have a few of those grainy bits but since I got rid of the bath, this scrub has come into it's own. The grains wash easily away under the power shower, and they don't get into places where you don't want them ;) Throw in that familiar Soap&Glory smell and this is pretty decent product x

6. Palmolive Mediterranean Moments Shower Milk - 250ml

Another shower gel, another rediscovery, another product from Palmolive and another sample x You can read my review here but this is a lovely product that's perfect for summer or even when you want to evoke memories of balmy summer days. It's a lovely moisturising creamy milk, that smells of apricots and summer fruits. You can still get this one in Boots and it's well worth a sniff x

I'm way down on last years empties target so far so I'm really hoping that I can do a little bit better in September, my focus again will be some of those half finished products and I'm really hoping that I can add at least one make up item to my total x I hope this post was useful and if you have any questions please leave me a comment, and again I'd love to hear your brush cleaner recommendations x

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