Saturday 8 August 2015

Sample Saturday - Lush Charity Pot Hand And Body Lotion*

After quite a long hiatus, it's time for another instalment in my Sample Saturday series. Life got in the way a bit with this one, but I'm back on it and it will hopefully become a regular feature again on my blog in the weeks and months to come. If you're one of my newer readers and you've missed out on those early posts, Sample Saturday is where I try out some of the miniature bottles, jars, tubes and even sachets that seem to be taking over my house! Because of the size of the products these won't be the most in depth reviews that you'll ever read on my blog but hopefully you'll still find them helpful.

I thought I'd restart the series with a product that I was given at a recent Lush event (you can find out more about the event here.) As well as producing some fine products Lush are probably one of the most ethical and caring companies on the high street, Unlike some companies they aren't afraid of controversy and alienating themselves, they do what they think it right, be it with regards to animal welfare, environmental issues or human rights. Over the years Lush have released a lot of one off products to campaign for certain causes but one product has stood the test of time and has remained on sale in Lush stores since 2007.

Lush Charity Pot Hand And Body Lotion first hit stores nearly 8 years ago and it's remained one of their most consistent, best sellers. Every penny from each Charity Pot sale, bar VAT or local taxes is donated to charity. The proceeds are donated to a wide variety of causes that help both people, animals and the environment. Since 2007, sales of the Charity Pot have raised more than £7 Million worldwide, for charities involved in farming collectives, fair trade producers, food production and education.

Like most of the products that Lush sell, the Lush Charity Pot Hand And Body Lotion contains only fair trade, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, it's also suitable for vegans and completely cruelty free.

Suitable for use both on the hands and on the body it contains vats of super rich moisturising ingredients including shea, and cocoa butters, and moringa, jojoba and olive oils, and aloe vera. It also contains vanilla absolute and essential oils of rosewood, geranium and ylang ylang.

It's almost pale yellow in colour and it has a rich creamy texture. When you first start massaging it into the skin it feels slightly tacky but give it a few minutes and it soaks right in, leaving the skin looking, and feeling smooth and hydrated. As you would expect from the essential oils and the vanilla absolute, it has quite a warm, heady scent, but whilst it is noticeable it's not overpowering.

This is a really nice product with a really good back story and it's something that most people could find a use for somewhere in their hand and body care routines. My hands and cuticles are particularly dry at the moment so I've been using this as a hand cream last thing at night, and I really do think that it's making a difference. It's a little bit rich for me to use during the day at the moment but in the winter time I can see this little pot coming in to its own.

Lush Charity Pot Hand And Body Lotion is available either online or in your local Lush store and comes in 3 different sizes, including the 10g trial size pot, which you can see here, which is just £1, It also comes in a 95g tub which retails at £6.95 and in a huge 240g tub which retails at £12.95. Even if you just buy the trial size pot, you could still be helping to change someones life for the better, and your skin will thank you too x Have you tried Lush Charity Pot before? Let me know your thoughts x


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