Monday 24 August 2015

Top 5 Fashion Accessories*

Which earrings pair best with the outfit you want to wear? Or, which shoes are going to work best with the dress you want to buy? When thinking of these, and other wardrobe questions you have, choosing the right accessories is key.

These are the top 5 accessories to keep in your closet, so you can always find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

1. Get Lifted  

Platform sandals are in! Thick or thin heel, sandal or full boot, thong style or any other style you like pair up well with nearly any outfit. If you want the perfect shoe, for every occasion, have a few of these platform sandals in your closet.

2. Statement Earrings 

From a large pearl, to the bold colours, dangling earrings, or an ornate earring which perfectly matches with the outfit, statement earrings are in. They can easily be paired up with any outfit, and with many colours, designs, and shapes to choose from, you can find a pair which works well with any outfit.

3. The Gladiator Sandal

Gladiator sandals have been huge this year. With the distinct lace design, the fun back closure, and low and high heel options, you can find a pair which perfectly pairs with your favourite dress, a pair of jeans, or the suit you have to wear when making a work presentation. 

4. Short Handbags  

Short handbags, which allow you to carry items around in a clutch style bag are in. Easy to carry, transportable, and they work well with any outfit. Women will also like that they don't dangle down to the ground, or weigh them down, when going out for the evening.

5. Ballerina Flats

You remember these when you took ballet classes as a kid? With designers rethinking the pointed toe front, back wrap closure, and designer straps, you can find a pair which will look good with any outfit. Plus, you will stay light on your feet all day.

Whether it is a night out on the town or the perfect outfit for work, these designer accessories will add a little pop to any outfit.

Wondering where you can start shopping for these top fashion accessories? Online catalogues might be the perfect solution for you. They provide a massive range of styles and trends from top celebrities as well as offering the ability of spread the cost by paying monthly on clothing and lots of other products.

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