Tuesday 11 August 2015

Essence I ♥ Trends Nail Polish - The Nudes - 07 Hope For Love* - Nails Of The Day

Hi Guys x Hope you're all having a great day x Today's post is another nails of the day post and it's something that I was recently sent from top European budget brand, Essence. The majority of Essence polishes in my collection are either special effects shades, or they're bright and vibrant colours, this one though is just a little bit different.

Essence I ♥ Trends Nail Polish - The Nudes - 07 Hope For Love, is one of a  wider range of nude toned polishes recently released by Essence. The range contains a variety of nude and neutral tones including everything from pale pinks to beige's, and skin tone and mannequin hands shades.

Hope For Love is a beautiful dusky, neutral pink. There is probably not a place or a time that you couldn't wear this shade. It's one of those colours that would be perfect for work, for play or even for the most formal of social occasions.

The coverage is excellent and believe it or not this is just one coat. Normally you have to be careful with cream polishes, but this one was pretty good. The polish is pretty thick but it is self levelling so as long as your nail tips aren't too white, and your first coat is decent, one coat should be enough.

Creamy polishes, especially in paler shades like this often have a reputation for being streaky and hard to work with but I have to say this one really surprised me. It was easy to apply, the coverage was good and the wear time was acceptable for the price. Essence I ♥ Trends Nail Polish - The Nudes -07 Hope For Love, retails at just £1.80 for an 8ml bottle and is available in the UK from Wilko, Wilko Online and from Essence standalone stores. 

Is the quality of this polish a one off ? well, we'll see x I have quite a few more Essence items to review including another polish from The Nudes range, so if you're a fan of more affordable beauty products make sure that your following my blog x Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave me a comment below x 


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