Tuesday 25 August 2015

Nuts About Essence Eyeshadow - 15 Hazel Me Not*

One make up trend that I don't think will ever die is the nude or neutral eye - you only have to look at the sheer amount of neutral, naked and nude eyeshadow palettes on the market to see that this is a trend that's here to stay. It might not have overtaken the iconic dark, smokey eye just yet but few can deny its ease or its wearability. It's one of those looks that can be as simple or as complicated as you like, you can spend what seems like hours blending shades together to produce a cover girl look, or you can just use one shade for a clean and polished finish.

I have a ridiculous amount of neutral palettes in my collection but whilst I love a palette, sometimes you can do everything you want with just one shadow. I know we're all obsessed with eyeshadow palettes at the moment but please, don't forget about all of those single eyeshadows out there. I'm as guilty as anyone for focusing on my palettes but lately I've been using a single eyeshadow that's made me think again.

I have to admit that when I received Essence Eyeshadow in 15 Hazel Me Not, I wasn't that impressed. The clear plastic packaging was minimalist and utilitarian, and the colour just looked, well, a bit boring but then I swatched it and started playing.

Okay the colour isn't going to win any awards for innovation or pan appeal, but it's one of those beige, taupe shades that you just need in your collection.

Being such a cheap shadow I wasn't expecting a lot pigmentation wise but again this one surprised me. With an almost matte but not flat or chalky finish, this shadow feels soft, and smooth, and the colour payoff is excellent.

This shadow has been my real go to when I'm feeling a bit lazy. It almost seems to even out the skin tone, and it leave the eyelid looking clean and fresh, all day Throw on a few coats of black mascara and you've got a really simple, wearable look that takes minutes to achieve and would work for any occasion when you don't want to look overdone. The shadow isn't showing up too well here,and my wrinkly eyelids aren't helping! but I hope it gives you some idea of the fresh look that you can create.

This isn't the most fashion forward or interesting shadow out there but it's wearable and it's something most people would find a use for, worn either on it's own or alongside other neutral eyeshadow tones. For the price this shadow, the pigmentation and the wear time really surprised me,  Essence Eyeshadow in 15 Hazel Me Not, retails at just £1 for a 2.5g compact from Essence stand alone stores, Wilko stores and Wilko online which is amazing value for money. If this shade isn't for you there are loads more single shadows in the Essence range starting at just £1, so you can afford to experiment or even try something new. Are you still a neutral shadow fan? Let me know x



  1. I absolutely love Essence makeup. I thought it was just another cheap brand on the market but they have really impressed me with their quality. I rave about them quite a lot on my blog. I haven't tried any of their eyeshadows yet so now I will need to check them out, I quite like the colour you have so will likely get that (and of course others!).

    I got your blog link through 30plusblogs and just wanted to say hello.



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