Tuesday 13 January 2015

Sales Haul - Part 1 - The Body Shop

I have a confession to make dear readers.... I haven't physically been in a real life shop since before Christmas. Okay I've been poorly but that's not the reason, the truth is I hate the sales. I hate the pushing and shoving, the queueing and the hassle. I do love a bargain though, so I usually shop the sales online.

I have to be honest though and say that I found the online, post Christmas sales pretty disappointing - all the good stuff seemed to have gone, and what was left seemed to be either old stock, or still way overpriced. The bargain hunter in me prevailed though I still managed to get a few things including some bits that I really wanted so it wasn't all bad x I've got a few sales hauls to show you and this is the first and shock of horrors the only real beauty haul that I made!

The first rule of online sales shopping is to have an idea of when the sales actually start. A pretty good bet at this time of year is to find out when websites stop guaranteeing Christmas delivery. Like a savvy shopper I stalked The Body Shop website, and a couple of hours after guaranteed delivery ended the sale items started to appear, and despite placing my order after their deadline I got my goodies on Christmas Eve - fab customer service The Body Shop!

I'd already spoke about my love for their festive lines (read my post here) so it's no surprise that my entire sale order consisted of their 2014 festive fragrances.

The first thing that I got was the Frosted Cranberry Tin Of Delights - I can't remember how much this was but I'm sure it was half price in the sale. This fabulous metal tin contains a 30ml Frosted Cranberry Eau De Toilette, a 20ml Lip Balm Tin, a 75ml Body Polish, a 200ml Body Butter and a Bath Lily.

The Eau De Toilette, really surprised me. as much as I love the Frosted Cranberry fragrance I would never have considered wearing it as a perfume, but it actually works, it's a really fruity, slightly sweet scent that I think would work all year round. I wore it on Christmas Day, and I have to say I'm a convert.

This set doesn't seem to be available anymore but some of the items in it are still available separately in the online sale including the Eau De Toilette, the Body Butter, and the Body Polish.

Since the set didn't include a shower gel, I also got a 250ml Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel which was reduced to just £2.

I also stocked up on the Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel. This was by far my favourite festive fragrance this season, I loved the creamy vanilla aspect with just a hint of spice and burnt caramel. The shower gels seem to be out of stock online now but there are still a few Vanilla Brulee items available.

The final sale item that I got from The Body Shop was a teeny 60ml Glazed Apple Shower Gel. I wasn't sure about this fragrance at first but it's really grown on me. This must have been The Body Shop's most popular festive fragrance in 2014 because there was virtually nothing in the online sale - I would actually have loved a few more things from this range but it just wasn't to be. There are a couple of things left online including the Bath Jelly and the 60ml Shower Gel that you can see here which is just £1.

Although I would have loved a few more items from the Glazed Apple range I was pretty happy with my sale haul, and I've got more than enough festive scents to nearly take me through to Christmas 2015. Did you get anything from The Body Shop sale? Leave me a comment and let me know if you did x

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