Wednesday 7 January 2015

A Winter Skin Saviour? - Trilogy Everything Balm*

Despite a lot of wind, heavy rain and a little bit of snow, this winter so far hasn't been too bad, When you consider though that we're more likely to get snow in February and March than on Christmas Day, we still have quite a bit of winter still to go.

I know I've talked about it a gazillion times but the cold and wintry weather can play havoc with your skin. The cold temperatures and the howling winds, can cause dry skin, chapped lips, and sore and flaky hands. As well as covering up and wearing gloves, the most obvious solution is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Not only does moisturising help to soften and soothe the skin, but a good moisturiser can also help protect the skin from further damage. So for one of December's My Pure reviews I decided to try an all in one moisturiser that's perfect for this time of year

Trilogy Everything Balm is an all in one moisturising balm that's designed to be used on all parts of the face and body.

It's crammed full of natural ingredients and extracts including rose hip, coconut and jojoba oils to help nourish the skin, and ingredients such as vitamin E, Manuka Honey, calendula and paw paw which help to protect and heal the skin.

This balm comes boxed and in packaged in a screw top, white metal tin which is beautifully decorated in a bright, autumnal flower and leaf design.

This product is a solid waxy balm, that melts on contact with the skin to produce a light, moisturising oil. Because it's a plant based balm it isn't as oily or greasy as some similar mineral oil based products, and it seems to sink into the skin as opposed to just sitting on the surface.

To be honest there is hardly anywhere that you can't use this, if you've got a dry or a sore patch then
pop a bit on. I've mainly been using this as a cuticle treatment on both my fingers and toes, and on some dry patches on my legs, hands and feet.

I've also been using it on my left  hand on a pretty nasty burn that I sustained after a fight with an oven shelf, and I have to say I think it's made a difference. This balm contains both rose hip oil and vitamin E which are fabulous for scarring so that's why I think it's helped take away the flakiness and tame the redness.

This balm has a gentle, rose geranium type scent, it isn't too strong, or too overpowering so you can actually also use it as a lip balm. Again because of the natural plant oils and waxes it seems to absorb into the lips, providing instant relief and moisture.

These are just some of the ways to use this product, there are probably hundreds of different ways and places to use is, which is the reason why it's so economical and versatile. Obviously if your melting it in your hands to use it as a massage oil you'll use quite a bit but in my experience a little goes a long way. The picture above shows my pot after around 4 weeks worth of daily use, and as you can see it looks virtually untouched.

I can't recommend this product highly enough, in fact I'm hard pressed to think of any negatives. It does what it says it does and more, and a little goes a long way. This isn't just a winter saviour I think it's a fabulous all year round product that deserves it's place in any bathroom cabinet. Trilogy Everything Balm comes in two sizes, the 45ml which you can see here, that retails at £12.50 and the 95ml which retails at £20.50, both of which are available from My Pure x If you have any questions please leave me a comment x 



  1. This looks fantastic! The packaging is adorable and it would be such a handy product to have around! Glad to hear it helped you with your burn :)

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xx

  2. Great product! Thank yoy for this review! :)


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