Saturday 17 January 2015

Paperchase Haul - Sale And Non Sale

From the very first moment that I could pick up a pencil I loved stationery. From the Care Bear and Holly Hobbie writing sets of my childhood, to cute stickers, scented erasers and notepaper, nothing gives me greater pleasure than opening a new notepad, or sharpening a new pencil.

One of my favourite places to by cards, paper and of course stationery is Paperchase. Is there a blogger out there that doesn't like Paperchase? I very much doubt it. I do think it's a little bit overpriced, but like Boots, Superdrug, Accessorize, Primark and Thorntons, it's one of those shops that I would love to do a trolley dash in.

As much as I love Paperchase I haven't actually bought anything from them for a while, so when I was looking for a new diary, I thought why not and placed an order.

The main purpose of the order was to get a diary and the one I fell in love with was this A5 Sprionauts Felt Week To View Diary.

It's bound in a felt like fabric,and features an embroidered and apliqued design featuring animals like foxes, owls, and rabbits, and embroidered spirograph designs :) It was £9 which is pretty pricey for a diary but it's a bit different and it's really well made.

It wasn't worth placing an order for just one thing so I also ordered a few more things from the Spironauts range including this notebook.

This Sprionauts Foxy A5 Thick Notebook, is going to be my new blogging notebook. It's really thick, lined and it a nice size so I think it's going to be great for to do lists, and to write down post ideas, and plans.

It also features a cute, removable Foxy keyring. Again it was a bit pricey at £6 but it's good quality and I think it was worth the money.

My final Spironauts purchase was a sale one and it was this cute stationery set. I always used to love things like this when I was younger so I couldn't resist.

You get a pencil tin, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, two pencils, a ruler and a pen. This was reduced from £6 to £4.20

As well as a few greetings cards I also bought another couple of other things from the sale.

Erasers, rubbers? whatever you want to call them but I kind of love them. As an 80's child erasers really were a thing and even more so if they were scented. I actually had a nice collection including ones that smelled of Golden Shred Marmalade, and Pepsi Cola. Alas these two don't smell but they are still pretty cute. The Iwako Orange Drink Can Eraser was reduced from £1 to 50p, and the Beat Box Eraser was reduced from £2.50 to 75p 

The final thing that I bought was an A4 Poster Clip Frame. This one was £3.50 and I think it's the perfect home from my ebay poster.

I hope you enjoyed my little stationery haul - Do you love stationery too? Let me know in the comments box x 


  1. i love paper chase! there sales are amazing! the woodland animal stationary are so cute!

  2. I LOVE Paperchase! I am a stationery fan, too, and enjoyed their sale! You've got some gorgeous items there. I do run a #BringBackPaper series on my blog, so feel free to drop by & you can link up on the last Weds monthly, showing off your papery beauties!


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