Tuesday 27 January 2015

Sale Haul - Part 3 - Accessorize - Z For Accessorize And More

Accessorize is without a doubt one of my favourite shops on the high street. I do find it a little bit overpriced so I don't tend to shop there as often as I would like but it's way up there on my fantasy trolley dash list. One of the best things about sales is that they can give you the opportunity to buy things that you really, really want for a cheaper price and that's exactly what happened in this case.

A few month ago now Accessorize launched a collaboration with jewellery designer and daughter of the Monsoon and Accessorize founder Peter Simon, Zara Simon. The range Z For Accessorize features a wide variety of hand crafted, gold plated jewellery pieces, some of which contain crystals and semi precious gemstones. For me it was love at first sight and ever since the launch I've lusted after the entire collection.

As soon as the Christmas shipping deadline passed I started stalking the site, with my fingers tightly crossed that at least one or two pieces would make it into the sale, I was in luck most of the items that I wanted did appear in the sale, and whilst some of the discounts weren't huge, they made it easier for me to justify buying as many items as I did.

The majority of items I ordered were from the Aura range just a slightly irregular, circular faceted gemstone set in a gold plated setting. The first set of items that I bought all featured the amazing off white, slightly opaque gemstone that is Moonstone. The first item that I got was the Aura Precious Stone Necklace. Mummy Lou stepped in to model it for me because I couldn't trust her to take the pictures :)

She's more of a long chain fan so she found this one a little bit too short but I don't mind it I love dainty necklaces and if you wanted you could also layer this one up with a longer gold chain or even one with another pendant. I paid £7.50 for this necklace and whilst it's no longer available in this stone, you can get it a translucent, green shade for £15

I'm not usually a matchy, matchy person but I decided to go for a matching set and get the Aura Precious Stone Stud Earrings in White Moonstone to match.

I love the faceting and the slightly differing tones in each stud that you only get with natural gemstones. I also love the way that these earrings and this stone shows just a hint of the natural skin colour beneath. My only issue with these is how tight the butterflies were I'll definitely by replacing them with something a little looser I actually had to cut the card to get them off! Again the lovely Mummy Lou is modelling x 

The stud earrings appear to have been discontinued which is a shame I paid £6 for these but you can get similar drop earrings in the range for around £15.

All good things come in 3's so I also got the matching Aura Precious Stone Ring in Moonstone too. Again I love the faceting and the way it plays with the light and takes on my skin tone. I have really chubby fingers so I went for the Large size in all of the rings and they fit comfortably on both of my ring fingers. I would love it if in future they did the rings in XL but I love the rings in this range so much I'm sure I'll cope.

I paid £7.50 for this ring and whilst this particular shade is no longer available you can still get the green and pink variants for £15 each.

The rings in this collection really were the thing that caught my eye so I bought another 3. First up I got the Aura Precious Stone Ring is another variant. The shape is ever so slightly different and this time the ring features a Labradorite stone. Again it's faceted and slightly translucent so it takes on the warm tones of the skin beneath.

This one was also £7.50 and yet again it's no longer available on the Accessorize website but similar rings are around £15 and the 2 other Labradorite rings they have are £17 and £25 each.

The next ring that I got is also from the Aura range but this time it's the Mini Aura Precious Stone Ring. The stone is an Aqua Chalcedony, a gorgeous pale, smoky, sea green. Again it's faceted but this time it's an almost checker board facet and the setting and shape is a lot more regular and symmetrical.

This ring was £7 and surprise, surprise it's not available on the website either. Some of the green versions of the other rings though are made using the same gemstone but they aren't quite as delicate as this one.

All of the Aura rings can also be worn stacked for a different look but keeping with the more delicate theme, my final Z For Accessorize purchase is something that I would personally wear all it's own.

The Izzy Triple Precious Stone Ring comprises of three small irregular shaped, Amethyst stones in a gold plated setting. This is a really, small, pretty and delicate ring, the complete opposite of some of the other pieces in the range. This was my most expensive purchase at £8.40 but it's so wearable and comfortable it was well worth the money. This particular ring too is long gone but the Zara ring which is £12 is very similar and uses clear, and grey smoky crystals

I am so, so pleased with all the Z For Accessorize items that I ordered. The quality is great and I just love the style. Finances permitting I will be back for more and I've already got the Isha necklace, and the Jupiter ring in my sights.

I did buy one tiny other thing and it was something that I didn't need but I couldn't resist, the Feeling Lucky Coin Purse.

I'm a cat lover, and I love the whole idea of the Maneki Neko, or lucky cat. The cute zipped coin purse is covered in chubby looking cartoon white cats and I'm really hoping it brings me a bit of luck. Like so many of the things in this haul it's no longer available but for £3.50 I think it was money well spent, even if I have a little less to put in it.

I hope you enjoyed my little Accessorize sale haul, x Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway xx


  1. I agree I love Accessorize too I tend to only shop in there when the sale is on though! I bought a purse and a belt in the sale last week its going to be on my upcoming haul post. That cat purse is just soooooo cute ! x

  2. I like the Feeling Lucky Coin Purse. It's lovely!!


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