Monday 5 January 2015

Nails Of The Day Featuring FNUG - Hats On*

I'd like to consider myself pretty on the ball when it comes to nail polish brands but up until recently I'd never heard of Danish brand FNUG.

Founded by Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard, FNUG are a big 3 free brand which means that they don't contain Toulene, DBP or Formaldehyde. Instead they contain strengthening silica and vitamins A, B, D and E. They also contain caviar which is full of nourishing minerals and amino acids.

Because of their 3 free status they are the first nail polish brand to be stocked by online natural beauty store My Pure. As you know I'm a huge nail polish fiend so I couldn't resist trying a bottle for one of December's My Pure reviews.

Although My Pure only stocks a small selection of the FNUG range, there are still lots of colours to choose from. I thought about for a little while but eventually I went for 77 - Hats On.

I love my duo chrome polishes and I have to say that this one is absolutely stunning. Ranging from smokey grey, to mauve, to bright purple, and green and every colour in between. I know it's hard to believe but every single one of these pictures is of the same nail polish, and there were still a few transformations that I didn't manage to capture.

Application was good, the short handled brush was easy to use, and whilst the polish needed a couple of coats, it didn't take that long to dry. Wear time was also pretty decent, and it lasted for around 3 days before I started to see some tip wear. I'm notoriously tough on nail polish, so this is quite impressive for me especially when you consider that I didn't use a top coat.

I have to say I love the colour and I love how it changes with movement and in different lights,. The formulation was fine too, the texture of the polish was good and drying and wear time were both pretty impressive.

As per usual though there are a couple of drawbacks, this product does contain caviar so it isn't suitable for vegans, and as a none fish eating vegetarian I'm not quite sure how I feel about it either. I'm not sure it would stop me from trying more products from the brand but I think there would always be a bit of a guilt thing there at the back of my mind.

If that doesn't bother you though and you're after a nice quality, big 3 free polish then this brand could be one to try. It isn't cheap though and the bottle isn't the biggest but for me I've paid more and liked a polish less, so you pays your money, you makes your choice. FNUG Nail Lacquer in Hats On retails at £12.00 for an 8.5ml bottle from My Pure. Are you a fan of duo chrome nail polishes? Leave me a comment and let me know x



  1. Just as an aside, the caviar used is sustainably farmed, and the fish stays alive, if that's of any help

    1. Thanks Carol x that's interesting I'm still not sure but it's popping up in a lot of nail products now so it must be good x I'm definitely going to try some more colours tho x this one was too pretty x


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