Sunday 12 December 2010

Yes I'm Still Here

Hey my loves I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet this week it's been a bit of a funny one. First of all there was last Sundays meltdown I haven't been feeling too good and a lots of things have been going on at home. One of my relatives is currently quite ill and to be honest my mum has been quite upset about it, added to that she is having a few health issues herself and not only that but she fell flat on her backside on the ice and has a bruise the size of a small county on her bum and back :( Then there was moi - for the last week I have had horrid headaches and pains and swelling in my face, and a hideous skin irritation near my eyes - all this culminated in a doctors appointment this week where thankfully it just seems to be a bad case of neuralgia, and a couple of under the skin spots. I've been dosing up on ibuprofen pretty much every day for the last week, and thankfully it seems to be easing off, my skin is another matter sorry to be gross but it's two spots really close to me eye I think the worst is over but it's still pretty painful and every time I've yawned or cried I've been in agony :(

Anyway enough of the negativity I'm trying to be a bit positive first up the snow has nearly gone. yes I know it's due back at the end of the week but I'm looking out of my window now and I can see green :) I eventually managed to get to the Metro Centre on Friday wahoo we were there just before the shops opened which was great, I managed to get around and get quite a bit done, thankfully I'm nearly finished my shopping hurrah just waiting for a huge batch of parcels to come :( They have started coming through but omg how slow :( I'm still waiting for another 2 bits to come for my giveaway so it's certainly going to be a New Year one now - I am hoping to launch it this week and draw it just before Christmas to apologise for the delay - there will now be two prize packs to giveaway of pretty much equal value so keep checking back probably about Tuesday or Wednesday :)

Anyways I have to say my spending ban has gone belly up already which isn't surprising no make up though I have been good although I have to say my mum did buy Shout magazine for me -"I saw it had that Barry M thing you like on it!" (her exact words lol) and got the free Barry M bits with it a real bargain actually apart from the fact the shimmer pencil fell to pieces hmm - never mind make up is make up and the nail polish is lovely.

OK so I haven't bought any make up for me but I have ordered a few brushes from ELF and Sigma which unsurprisingly haven't came yet and I did buy a few bits at the Metro Centre including some more festive Lush goodies I'm loving Satsumo Santa at the moment and I picked up my free Lush Colour Supplement - check out Top Sante for your voucher it's worth £7.50 oh and I'm not counting that for Project 10 Pan either as it was technically free :) I also got a few bits in Primark including lots of 120 denier tights, a hair clip with daisies on it , and a cute necklace that is like a little bronze handbag with a magnetic clasp it's so sweet and you can easily fit a pound coin in it :) I also got some of the Andrea Fullerton Cute-Icle Eraser Gel to try I'm loving the Leighton Denny product I'm using at the moment but I think I need something a bit stronger so I got this from Superdrug - it's the first time I've seen the range irl and I was really impressed I have begged Momma LouLou for some of the striper and glitter things for Christmas teehee. Oh and I also got this purse from Accessorize I've wanted it for a while and it's always been out of stock - it's so sweet and you can get them in a variety of cities

So that was it bad LouLou that I am :) Never mind it's nearly Christmas ho ho ho and that, so looking forward for this week, as well as finishing my Christmas cards and wrapping my pressies I am going to try and get a few posts up , including one inspired by the lovely Kelanjo who did a post on her Christmas Tree, I loved the post so much I am really inspired to do something similar maybe show you some of our tree decorations and tell you about the history or thoughts behind them :); I'm also going to try and do a review post and obviously try and get my giveaway up whenever the last parcel comes hmm I'll aim for Tuesday but it could be Wednesday evening after my CBT appointment, oh and I am also going to be getting some more of these - I know a few people were really excited about these when I mentioned them on twitter and they are amazing Galaxy hot chocolate, Galaxy melted into milk and cream yum yum

Oh and thanks to everyone who made a purchase from my blog sale your items are on their way to you as of yesterday morning - there are still a few items left including some Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Philosophy and Nails Inc so don't forget to have a look and  I will by adding some more things after Christmas; There are a few bits marked as pending at the moment but if I don't received payment this week they will be back up for sale so I'll let you know .
Apologies this has been a bit of a ramble but I thought you deserved an update - Any questions or if you would like any pics (my camera battery is dead) or reviews of anything I've mentioned please let me know xx

(Pictures from We Heart It, Shout Magazine, Accessorize and Mars )


  1. Glad you're feeling better.

    How long have you been on your spending ban for? Must be well over a year!!! Just stop looking at new make-up, you have enough to last a lifetime now :P x

  2. I have the New York purse :) Its so cute. Also got the Paris one too! Hope your ok. xx


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