Wednesday 8 December 2010

Leighton Denny 1 Month On and An Update

Apologies for the little gap in between posts if you follow me on twitter you'll now that I had a bit of a wobble over the weekend, a few things got the better of me I'm afraid :( So no good and bad posts till I'm in a better place. everything is a bit bleak at the moment  :( I hope you understand oh and thanks for all the twitter love on Sunday too - it really meant a lot to me x  I'm also going to apologise again for the delay in announcing my giveaway,post has only just resumed in my area after nearly a fortnight so I am still waiting for a few prizes never mind as soon as they are here I'll launch it for you, I can see if being a new year giveaway at this rate tho lol.
Anyways onwards and upwards a little late I know but as of Sunday I'd been using the Leighton Denny Hydra Flex system for one month - you can see my nails at the start here, and after two weeks here.
Here they are as of Sunday

Not too bad I think you'll agree - despite the freezing temperatures and a slow start I am starting to see some progress with the regime, most of my nails have white tips on them now and I even wore nail polish the other day for the first time in nearly a month. I'm going to keep at it and just before Christmas I'll do you another updated post as well as a full review of all the items I've been using. Any questions leave me a comment xx

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