Tuesday 28 December 2010

Christmas Pressie Haul

If you would like to see anything else in more detail, or any reviews or swatches please let me know  xx


  1. Happy Christmas! Looks like you got some fab goodies there! I love getting my Christmas hauls. xx

  2. You got some lovely presents, I haven't picked up anything from the Tartan Tale collection, Mac seem to release collections every other week..

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

  3. wow you got a whole lot of lovely gifts!!!
    the laura geller and mac tartan tale bits are just incredibly nice.

    the pijama's are nice too! The christmasy one is so cute!!!!

  4. ooooh you got some lovely lovely gifts!

    Great video :)

    Fee x

  5. Looks like you got some ace presents. I hope you had a good Christmas!

    Would you be able to review the elf bamboo brushes? Thank you in advace!


  6. Thanks ladies I hope you all had a great christmas too
    @PrettyPoison I'll definitely do a review og the brushes for you xx

  7. Oooo will you dosome swatches of your mac pigments please xxxx

  8. @Ray I certainly will my love they should be around for a little while before they start popping up in ccos anyways xx


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