Wednesday 1 December 2010

Alva Coleur Eyeshadow Duo - A Review For My Pure*

OK it's still snowing and now my twitter won't work so why not catch up on some reviews :) This month I chose to to receive a make up items as part of my review items from My Pure. The item I chose was the Alva Coleur Organic Duo Eyeshadow in 04 Gold .You may already know a little bit about the Alva Coleur line from my powder foundation review (click here) but if you don't just a bit of background. A German brand, Alva pride themselves are been fully certified as organic, using their unique Wellmune beta-glucan complex in all their products, they are ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities. Their eye colour products in particular also contain Red Grapevine extract to protect and strengthen the skin around the eyes whilst at the same time protecting from UV damage.


The shadow duo comes in pretty non remarkable, basic plastic packaging in clear and black. You get the customary double ended foam applicator, and two squares of coloured shadows.

I chose 04 gold - I have to say the colour representation on the colour chart isn't a 100% accurate but the colours are still good. The chocolate brown shade has good pigmentation and lovely coppery finish, where as the paler shade is a lovely neutral ivory shade, with a gorgeous pink shimmery duo chrome

Both colours are super soft and blend down nicely. They look great together or used on their own, and the longevity is pretty good. Now for an eye look - apologies for the not great pictures the lighting at the moment is awful either too bright or too dark

In these pictures I've used the paler colour all over the lid, and the darker shade in the crease and outer corner and just a touch of mascara x

So pretty and perfect for creating a really natural look - I've used this an awful lot this month and it really has become a make up bag staple I would have no hesitation in recommending these on quality grounds but I do have two gripes which may put me off buying more.

First of all the price £14.00 for just 4g of product is a bit steep but the quality is nice and your getting a natural product, so fair enough, but I have to say the major issue I have with this product is the packaging. OK not everyone buys products for packaging but it is a bit basic and dare I say it not very well made.

I have had this for less than a month and it hasn't even left my house, I like to think I've treat it pretty well and already the paler shade pan had came loose and not only that the entire plastic insert has also come loose :(

A really good product let down by poor packaging for the price which is a great shame - I really hope that this was just a one off :(. The Alva Coleur Organic Eyeshadow Duo is available in 6 shades retailing at £11.95 from My Pure. Any questions please let me know x


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  1. It's a shame the swatches are so rubbish online, this looks lovely in your photos and I think I'm going to get this for my December parcel x


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