Monday 20 December 2010

My Day In Pictures

A different type of post for you today - I planned to film a Vlog for my You Tube but my camera batteries were on their last legs so I took a few pictures of my day for you  - I've just noticed that a lot of these pics are food related eek well tis the season to get fat ;)

The Temperature This Morning - eek

Doesn't It Look Pretty Though

Ah That's Better

The Purpose Of The Trip - Yum

Look What I Found In TK Maxx

A Chocolate Treat

I hope you enjoyed this slice of my life in Co Durham and Tyne and Wear this morning I have a few more posts planned this week - I am definitely going to fit at least one review in, and my Christmas Decorations post as well as my giveaway draw so don't forget to keep checking back during the last minute rush xx


  1. Love that marchmallow fluff stuff :) x

  2. Hi Lou!

    Are you a coeliac as well? I am one myself. I have noticed you've mentioned gluten free food in your blog a few times. I love the Sainsbury's Free From Christmas Pudding and also the Mince Pies, have you tried those? How long have you been on a gluten free diet? I've been on it for 6 years now. Feel free to contact me through my profile if you want to have a chat about the "joys" of a gluten free diet. :)

    Anita x

  3. Fab idea for a post, i can't believe how cold it i just want to snuggle up under a blanket! x

  4. @Computergirl it's amazing stuff I got the strawberry one too :)

    @Anitacska - I am my love I was probably diagnosed about 6 years ago too :) I haven't tried the mince pies yet - my mum usually makes some for me on Christmas Eve but I have quite enjoyed the Trufree ones this year :)

    @Emma - thankfully we haven't had too much snow but the ice is horrendous and it's so cold especially since our heating has been going on and off - make sure you and seb are wrapped up warm xx

  5. We've got the same Christmas pudding - only to be told by my son that he hates Christmas pudding, so we didn't need a gluten-free!! Still, that's what we're having too. He loves the mince pies, but of course none left in Sainsburys in Epsom :(

  6. Marshmallow fluff and chocolate and Starbucks!
    Day made :)
    Happy happy Christmas Louise!

  7. Happy Christmas My Love You Might Want To Check Out My Latest Post :)


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