Sunday 21 February 2010

Lacura 3 in 1 Cleansing Wipes For Normal Skin Review


As you know I picked up these wipes in Aldi last Monday - I've had a chance to use them a few times so I thought I'd do a quick review :)

These are 3 in 1 wipes for normal skin and they claim to cleanse, tone and moisturise.The wipes come in a pack of 25 in the same resealable plastic style packaging as the majority of others on the market.
The first thing I noticed about these wipes is how wet they are -I hate a dry face wipe and these certainly aren't they are nice and damp right the way through the packet and have a nice fresh smell - I also noticed the texture of these wipes - I normally use the Boots Botanics Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes which have quite a smooth texture but as you can see these are quite different
The have a knobbly / raised dot texture presumably for exfoliating purposes but they still feel nice and smooth on the skin.
I first used these wipes for a general morning cleanse - they felt really cooling and fresh on the skin, and left it feeling clean without feeling tight, dry or stripped - So far so good time for a bigger test - I used them to remove my full make up from Wednesday's face of the day (click here to see it)and I have to say I was quite impressed. Admittedly I did remove my make up after about 8 hours of wear but thanks to the GOSH primer (review to come) there was still lot of make up on my face, especially on my eyes. I used about 3 wipes for my full face of make up as you can see here but it did remove it quite easily without rubbing, and shock of horrors without stinging my eyes - thumbs up.
I didn't use waterproof mascara for that FOTD so I also tried them on Friday with Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof and I have to say I wasn't as impressed it barely seemed to budge my mascara but hey ho you can't have everything :)
I don't use wipes all the time as I don't think you can beat a proper cleanser or face wash but for an emergency or as a quick freshen up I think they are invaluable. I think these Lacura ones are well worth a try - for me they did what they said and they didn't dry or irritate my eyes or skin, they didn't remove waterproof mascara but so what I'll use an eye make up remover :) These wipes are I believe Aldi's own brand (read more here) and retail for 77p - which really can't be sniffed at - great value . Any questions please ask xx


  1. Totally agree about dry face wipes - I find with more moister wipes they take off all my makeup then I sometimes wipe my neck and arms.

    Also 77p is soo cheap!


  2. oooh I must try those out. I always use the Botanics ones too but these are about a third of the price. Which ones do you prefer? Would you say the Botanics ones are better? xx

  3. I loooove Aldi and anything from there - the creams are good too. xx

  4. @Fee - exactly I always take them pretty much everywhere lol the price is great too
    @Lauren - if I am really pushed I would say the Aldi ones - they are much wetter which I prefer although I'll still be getting the Boots ones as they are easier for me to purchase :)
    @Victoria - cool - I have a moisturiser and a lip gloss to try too :)

  5. Nice to know about these...when they are soft and nice and wet in the real sense on the face it feels good after a tired day or a tired night.This is a lovely way to freshen up.

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