Tuesday 9 February 2010

Goods and Bads

I haven't done one of these for ages but I think it's about time I did one on a regular basis


* I lost 3lbs - it was my first proper week of dieting last week and I managed to lose 3lbs so happy hopefully my new medication will mean its easier for me to lose weight
* Got an email from QVC telling me that 2 Lauren Luke palettes have been dispatched to be honest I forgot about these - I ordered them on advanced order when Lauren made her debut on QVC before Christmas - obviously they have already been paid for so they don't count as part of my spending diet
* My skin is actually pretty clear at the moment - Lush Cupcake and Tea Tree Water, and Liz Earle goodies seem to have done the trick
* I have a pile of library books to read including the Trueblood series, and Liz Earle Skin Secrets which I can't wait to read
* You lot - I have had so many lovely messages both here and on my you tube channel I really appreciate your support and your input - thank you x


* My mum is going for her operation hopefully on 6th March - argh am understandably a bit stressed at the mo - she has her first lot of pre op tests this week
* I am starting my new ME /CFS pacing / graded activity - rest regime this week - it's not as easy as it looks - life sometimes gets in the way :(
* My desktop - I got a new monitor yesterday as my old one had just about had it and when I started my PC up my Internet explorer just won't work - the page is just blank - it says its connecting but nothing happens -strangely enough MSN messenger, and my email is working perfectly but not my IE - I have emailed Orange help but they say you can wait up to 5 days for a response - thank goodness my netbook is working
* It's snowing again


  1. Well done on your weight loss! Can't wait to hear what you think of the Lauren Luke palettes.
    Hope everything goes well for your Mum xx


  2. well done on the weight loss x keep it up

    The true blood series is really good ;D so addictive x

  3. omg well done on losing 3lb's that soo good ... keep up sweetie you'll do great!

    I didnt know you did youtube videos ...i'll be checking thoseout!


  4. I like these good and bad posts :D I normally just make lists on paper like this, I may post one soon. xo


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