Saturday 13 February 2010

Bad Bad LouLou

I have had a beyond crappy few days sad, in pain, irritable etc, etc. so what do I do when I am sad I shop - eek I went to Boots the other day and walked out empty handed I was soooo proud of myself but I've blown it today - I've ordered a few bits from La Redoute - I had a £15 off and a buy now pay August voucher when I placed any order over £50 so that's what I did - eek to be fair it's a lot of basics t-shirts, vests etc. but I am still pretty mad at myself - because I don't technically need to pay for it till August I'll be adding it to my August monthly spends which even in February I can already say will be a disaster. Oh and I am going to a local outlet store with my godmother next week and the Urban Decay Alice Palette is also out in the next few weeks - I can see February being a disaster too - ho hum - must try harder xx


  1. Don't despair Lou, February is a short month so you don't have too long to go before you can start afresh!

  2. LOL I can't see March being good either spring color forecast argh , new sleek palettes argh


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