Thursday 25 February 2010

Debenhams Extras

In all my excitement yesterday I forgot to post about the rest of the goodies I got with my Debenhams Alice palette - whoops - As well as the palette I purchased a bottle of Mavala Scientifique nail strengthener - I still have some OPI Nail Envy to use and some other things but I have heard good things about this so I thought I'd get a bottle to try out if everything else I'm using fails - I'm about half way through operation nail growth for this month and I have to say I'm so, so - I have actually broke two nails on my left hand - one right the way down so it really hurts - but I am trying to keep up with all the cuticle work and so on so you never know - I'll report back around March 7th.
As well as the two things I purchased Debenhams were also kind enough to enclose some free samples - the most exciting one was a 10 day supply of id Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium Beige which happens to be my summer shade, and the cutest although not necessarily the most useful baby kabuki brush :) I also got some Gucci Flora perfume samples and about 8 DKNY Pure sample sheets which are currently adorning my radiators and giving off a lovely smell x


  1. That is such a generous bunch of samples x

  2. Ah Silly Debenhams messed up my order and just sent me the plastic bag that contained the mineral powder and baby kibuki brush. I complained but they have tun out apparently. Shame as I really wanted to try this!! GRR! x

  3. Thanks girls

    @Computergirl - aw that sucks


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