Monday 15 February 2010

Goods and Bads


* Lost a pound this week I am sooo happy with this I have had such a bad week food wise but I've still managed to lose :)
* Just found out I have won the lovely Lydia's giveaway prize - thank you xx - we were already going to exchange some goodies anyway so I am super happy :)
* My mum bought me a few bits today - expect a post tomorrow xx
* Pancakes - its pancake day tomorrow - yummy, yummy gluten free ones taste just as good :)


* I've gone over my spending diet for this month I bought something today and on ebay yesterday - whoops!!
* Make up going off - an unopened sealed Maybelline lipstick in 103 Beige Shimmer - I opened it yesterday it not only reeked but its had started to separate - yuck
* Feeling yuck - I have had a really bleurgh weekend - I just felt yuck and I had a major insomnia issue last night and an insane itching attack :(

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