Sunday 22 November 2009

Swatch A Rama

I've recently been asked for some swatches of some recent purchases so I thought I would do them for you whilst I had a bit of light. It has been so hard to photograph anything properly over the last few days because of the dark sky and all the rain but I had a bit of light this morning so I took some pics for you:)

First up is the Boots No7 Trio Concealer Palette

The texture of the concealer is nice and creamy and they blend down easily. If you of a darker skin tone this palette certainly isn't for you - although the colours are a little bit darker than my pic shows they are still far too pale for anything around and above an olive toned skin. Thankfully as I am an NW15 they seem pretty good for me - the majority of concealer palettes I buy seem to include a colour that is too dark for me even to contour with so I always end up throwing the barely used colour away which is a total waste - thankfully I should be able to use all of the colours in this trio.

The next lot of swatches that have been requested is from the new Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection No5


Like the other Beauty UK palettes this one is also super pigmented - It's a gorgeous combination of dark blues, purples and greys. I have to say the two lightest colours aren't quite as pigmented as the darker ones but I suppose that's only to be expected - this is a really nice palette which is a great alternative if you don't manage to get your hands on the Sleek Graphite palette

If you want any more swatches on anything I own please don't hesitate to ask xx


  1. Great!
    I love British makeup. You have wonderful brands for such cheap prices!

    My mother told me the other day, that when she was younger she has a british friend who used to live here, and everytime she went to England she'd always bring back some lipsticks and pencils for my mom.
    She told me she was always amazed to see how many great things she could get for her money, eventhough the rate exchange was not favorable!


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