Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dishonest Me? No Way!

I have just received a comment on my blog which I have chosen not to publish as you will soon see why. As you may have seen I have recently did a post to promote a contest held by Superdrug. The PR company that asked various bloggers to promote the contest promised to send us a GOSH goodie bag of the new Christmas collection if we promoted the contest. Seeing as the subject matter of the contest was and is to create a make up look for the festive season I agreed to promote it on my blog. After all I am sure many of would love the opportunity to win great prizes and do what you do best and create some fab looks. However because I didn't mention the goodie bag that I am being sent I am now being labelled as being dishonest and of fooling my readers! The thing is I already own some of the GOSH Christmas collection ( the smokey eye palette) anyways so I was planning on giving some away in a Christmas giveaway. As you know I always let you know when I have been sent something this case was to be no different. I am not going to get into a slanging match with the person concerned as I respect her stance but please don't questions my honesty. I have been bloggin for over three years now and I have never been accused of anything like this before. I f you think I am dishonest tell me and I will walk away now x


  1. Don't bother with this kind of comments. They are jealous! Life is too short so don't worry!! xxx

  2. Lou, we all know that you are not dishonest.
    And she could have had more tact and gently suggested you to mention the goodie bag, instead of accusing you.

    And then, we often sponsor contests or offers on our blogs, and no one ever questions these kind of things, please....

    We trust you! Well...I do!

  3. Actually I did suggest that it was mentioned before bringing it up. And no I am not jealous of anything.

  4. I don't see how they can say you're being dishonest? What business is it of theirs if you've been given something by Superdrug or not? Are you holding a gun to their heads and making them enter the contest?

    Jeez, some people need to gain some perpective.


  5. Everyone knows your not dishonest!! XO

  6. I think you have no need to explain yourself, don't worry about it. What difference does it make whether or not you mention you received a goody bag? It doesn't bother me whether people get things for free, or whether they mention it. Each to their own, everyone handles it differently. xxx

  7. in a word, this whole thing is: RIDICULOUS. it's nobody's business! that person can choose to not follow your blog and THEY can go away. chin up sweetie, you have a great blog and i enjoy reading it. keep keeping on and don't you dare walk away from us!!!


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