Friday 13 November 2009

The Things Life Throws At You

Huge apologies for the lack of posts or interactions this week - I have noticed I have lost a few followers this week and I hope this isn't why but this is me unfortunately what you see is what you get - my blog has always been for me, about me and by me, and I have never wanted to feel pressurised into having to post on a regular basis.
I had plans for so many posts this week but things never work out the way you want, do they? ME is a strange beast you can have a few days where you feel like a relatively normal person and then you have a phase where you feel like a cotton wool filled head alien from the planet zog. For the majority of this week I have felt like the alien - a fuzzy head, tired beyond belief but unable to sleep at the same time, and so, so mentally and physically exhausted. Unfortunately there is no way of dealing with it other than painkillers and as much rest as possible. As sad as it is ME defines me as a person now and that hurts like hell at times - this week has been a bad one for me in all senses of the word :( I also got a pretty hellish realisation this week when I received my credit card bill - OMG I am on the verge of hitting my limit - there was only one course of action - the kitchen scissors! Yes after pressure from my bestie for a long time I finally chopped them up into tiny little pieces. If I can't pay for it in cash I ain't getting it. So apologies in advance as my hauls are going to be pretty tiny lol I am keeping my £30 a month limit for the foreseeable future, and I am going to be putting my money towards Christmas shopping for the next couple of months and towards paying my debts after that. I really don't need any more clothes or make up at this stage-( hence my Christmas list is huge lol) but hey ho the reality has been shoved headlong into my face and it isn't nice. Never mind I still have loads of posts to do tags, reviews, a mini blog sale and more but they will be in my own time - don't rush me :). Thanks in advance for all your support and understanding and thanks for being there x


  1. Great post hun. Hope youre feeling better. I think I need to impose a limit on my spending too. Its getting out of hand lol

  2. Hope your well :) xx

  3. Aw thanks for the nice comments - reigning in my spending can only be a positive thing no matter how miserable I feel about it x

  4. Take your time Chick, we'll all still be here. Especially me waiting for the blog sale! haha.


  5. Debt is no fun, so you're doing the right thing. Don't worry about losing a few followers, you've still got loads! Big hug. xxxxx

  6. LOL @Jo
    @Candleight Thanks Honey - Its just sad to think people stop following you because you don't post everyday :( x

  7. Well done to you for cutting up those cards, best to deal with it now before it gets out of hand. I'm looking to "up" my savings for 2010 too, i already have lots of "nice" things so really don't need anything for a while.

    You post when you feel like it, that's what i do :).

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  8. Don't apologise for being unwell. We will all still be here whether you blog in a week or a month!

    I hope you start to feel better soon hun. Take it easy!


  9. If people are that judgemental that they will stop reading your blog because you've got ME and it restricts how much you can blog then you don't need them as followers. You have the rest of us who read and comment on your blog :)

    I've been on a spending ban for a while and it annoys you at first but when you see how much money you've saved, you get a feeling of being quite chuffed with yourself.


  10. Hey hun, i hope things are better for you now. Well done on the money front, i think once you start paying it off you'll feel so much better x


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