Monday 16 November 2009

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hairtherapy Review

A month or so ago I was lucky enough to be sent a few products from the new Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy range to try - having used Schwarzkopf products before in the past I was keen to try this new range. I have consistently used these products for over a month to give you an honest balanced review :)
Schwarzkopf is a salon professional brand with over 111 years of hair and hairdressing experience and the BC Hairtherapy Products are one of their newest launches.
The whole concept of the BC range is to "rebuild beauty from within" by treating not just the surface of the hair but to use amino acid technology to rebuild the hair from within thus restoring it to its natural beauty - a bit complicated I am sure you will agree but restoring natural beauty I am certainly up for a bit of that:)The BC range is comprised of 5 separate range of which deal with 5 different hair types - damaged hair, colour treated hair, normal to dry coarse and curly hair, fine hair, and for specific hair and scalp needs.
I was sent two products from the colour treated hair range and one product from the damaged hair range. My hair is quite long, it's coloured I have a mixture of blonde and caramel highlights, and I use a lot of straighteners and heat treatments on my hair - oh and its also needs cut and coloured desperately!!!
Color Save Sulfate Free Shampoo
"cleanses and protects colour-treated hair from fading even after 30 washes. For hair full of long lasting vibrancy and healthy shine"
This shampoo from the color save family came in a sleek looking 250ml bottle. The slightly thick liquid was pearlised in colour and non sticky in texture - it didn't take much shampoo to produce a decent lather which was surprising considering it doesn't contain sulfates. This was one of the major things I liked about this shampoo the fact that it doesn't contain sodium laureth sulphate - I won't go into why this isn't a good ingredient there is plenty of info out there on it but this shampoo proves you don't need it to produce a foam. It was easy to rinse out and didn't leave the hair tacky or tangled. The smell was hard to describe slightly musky, slightly floral, my mum probably described it best when she said it smells like a hairdressers :)I must admit I didn't get my hair coloured during this trial but I did notice my blonde highlights looked a lot brighter, fresher and less dull
This shampoo retails for around £8.65 for 250ml

Colour Save Spray Conditioner
"detangles and protects colour treated hair from fading. For smooth manageable hair full of long lasting colour vibrancy"
This was another product from the color save range. I must admit I do use leave in conditioner sprays on regular basis anyway so the concept wasn't new to me. This product came in a 200ml pump action spray bottle which gave a nice fine spray. You had shake the bottle first and then spray it on to towel dried hair. It didn't feel sticky or heavy on the hair and had a similar fragrance to the shampoo. It did help to detangle the hair but I have used sprays that have felt more conditioning on the hair than this one. Again my blonde lights appeared to be brighter but I don't know if it was this product or the corresponding shampoo
This product retails at £9.85 for 200ml

Repair Rescue Sealed Ends
"mends split hair ends and prevents them from reforming. For smoothed ends full of suppleness and shine"
This product was from the damaged hair range. As I said my hair does have some heat damage and split ends. This is a non sticky white cream which I applied to the ends of my hair. It didn't make my hair stiff or tacky and felt weightless. Again it had a similar fragrance to the previous products. Whilst I felt it smoothed my hair and made the ends and the frizz less noticeable I didn't feel that it actually mended my split ends - I am a firm believer that the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off
This product costs £10.95 for a 75ml tube

Summing Up
I enjoyed trying these products but I have to say the only one I would repurchase would be the shampoo - I liked the effect, and I liked the fact it was sulfate free. To be honest I have used leave in conditioners and serums that I prefer to the ones for this range so I wouldn't repurchase either of those products. If you want more information on the range please check out the Schwarzkopf website These products are available from your local Schwarzkopf salon or from online retailers including HQ Hair and Look Fantastic. . Any questions please contact me


  1. Great review, I will check out the shampoo once my redken is used up.

  2. Fab review, my salon which i go to uses Schwarzkopf as well as Tigi too.


  3. Fab review, its good to see an honest review of products x

  4. Given you a blog award :)

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