Wednesday 25 November 2009

One Month To Go

Argh I can't believe that it will Christmas Day a month today ! I have done quite a bit of shopping so far so I am not too worried but I still have my cards to make which usually takes me a few days argh!
I did manage to pick up this yesterday how cute!
It's not that Christmassy which is more often than not my biggest failing with advent calendars but its cute. My mum has bagged herself a dairy milk one which I have to say is much more festive than mine with Santa and his elves, even the cats have one again this year which I have to say is way more festive than mine, but ho hum (or should I say ho ho ho lol)
Anyways in the same shop which we got our advent calendars they also sell a whole load of ex catalogue and chain store clothing - my mum very kindly bought me this top / tunic for the festive season - Sorry for the bad pic but it's a gorgeous electric blue colour with gunmetal sequins and seed beads :) very pretty I am thinking of wearing it for Christmas lunch with my jeggings which give plenty of room for expansion but we'll see I have a few family and friend things to do over Christmas so I need to sort out a few outfits :)

Talking of Christmas the lovely Sarah at I Heart Cosmetics is hosting a super generous Christmas giveaway so don't forget to check her out x

I have a few things planned for the rest of the week including a visit to the Vampires (the nurse for bloods:(), and the hairdressers on Friday -bye bye roots !! and potentially something exciting over the weekend but I'll try and get a few posts in xxx


  1. Super cute advent calender. Hope you get to have some excitement at the weekend x

  2. Thanks - fingers crosses I should find out tomorrow :)


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