Tuesday 16 July 2019

Unboxing Pink Parcel UK - June 2019 Edition - Technicolour Dreams Edit*

I don't know whether it's just a coincidence but ever since I started posting Pink Parcel unboxingS on the blog, the whole box seems to have gone belly up. I've been a Pink Parcel subscriber for a couple of years now and by and large I've been really happy with the box, and the service, but in the last few months things have changed - there have been changes within the company and changes with the box, and I'm not just happy with the whole thing as I used to be.

June was very nearly the icing on the cake for me, my due date came and went and still no Pink Parcel, I'd had no order confirmation through, and no dispatch email, so I contacted Pink Parcel customer service and to their credit they sent me a replacement box straight away, so even though the July box is hitting doormats as we speak I'm still all about the June box.

I think I mentioned in my May review that Pink Parcel are currently trying to up some of their old packaging, so that's probably why I got an old style pink and grey box, with the three boxes and one pouch.

Despite the original size and design of the box, I still only received 23 items, this was a pads only box and I received a combination of regular and night time pads, and panty liners. When I contacted Pink Parcel about the change in the number of sanitary products a few months ago I was told that the changes were down to the new smaller box size, well I received a larger box and no extra products - make of that what you will! As I've said before I normally have more than enough sanitary products stashed away to last me the entire length of my period but if you have heavier or longer periods then you still might need to go shopping.

Right on to the fun stuff - The theme of this box is apparently the Technicolour Dreams Edit, with a name like that you'd expect an array of colourful products but that isn't the case. I saw a few people complaining about the box and if you're expecting technicolour I can see why it doesn't really deliver.

The first thing that you normally see when you open any subscription, is a pile of leaflets and adverts. To be honest I don't take a lot of notice of them most of them but June's Pink Parcel did contain a leaflet offering a complimentary brow shape at Shavata brow studio. I've seen Shavata on QVC in the post and she's so talented and her point tweezers are amazing, unfortunately I don't have a concession near me other wise I would definitely taken advantage of the offer. Thankfully something that I could take advantage of is the first item in the box.

STYLondon Hydrating Mousse Matte Lipstick - Rosewood - Full Size - RRP £8

The first item comes from a brand called STYLondon - I've had few bits from them, in various subscription boxes, including a lovely compact eyeshadow palette, and one of their Siligel blenders, but I think that this is the first lip product that I've tried.

Packaged in a gorgeous, black, grey and white marble effect tube,  this lipstick has a paraben free, hydrating mousse formulation and non drying matte finish.

The colour that I received was Rosewood, a lovely, nude, brown pink shade. With a pleasant vanilla scent and taste, this lipstick had a nice smooth texture, and whilst it has a matte finish, it isn't flat and it doesn't feel too drying on the lips. Being a matte it wore really well, and it was only partially defeated by a mozzarella, roasted tomato and pesto sandwich ;)

I love the colour, the taste and scent, and the finish and the wear time - there isn't actually anything that I really dislike about this lipstick bar maybe the sticky label on the tube! It's a nice lipstick that I'm pleased to have in my collection. The lipstick retails at £8 directly from STYLondon.

Sebamed Clear Face Mattifying Cream - 10ml

Next up a sample sized product - I honestly don't mind the occasional sample size, I love trying new things, and sample sizes are the perfect way to try a product before shelling out on a full size, especially with a product like this, that isn't that widely available.

Specially designed for problematic skin, this moisturiser which has a pH 5.5 is designed to soothe irritation, to reduce sebum production and mattify the skin, and to smooth and moisturise. It contains soothing horse chestnut and aloe vera, and hyaluron to moisturise.

Considering it's designed for oily skin, it had a thicker texture than I expected, it was quite easy to massage into the skin, but it did take a minute or two to fully absorb, and to do it's thing. Almost immediately it seemed to take down the excess oil and shine, and it left the skin with a smooth, matte finish. A lot of mattifying moisturisers can be a little bit drying but this clean, green, herbal scented cream left the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable but not tight or dry.

If you have a oilier skin then this moisturiser also makes the perfect base for make up, no primer needed, you apply your foundation on top.

I'm lead to believe that the Sebamed range is available from selected independent chemists but it doesn't seem to be that easy to find, so you can also buy it directly from Sebamed. I can't find a value for this size but the full 50ml size retails at £5.69.

Nails Inc Nail Polish - Porchester Square - 10ml - Full Size - RRP £11

Now this was one of the products that I saw the most complaints about and for the life of me I can't see what the fuss was about. Okay, it definitely doesn't fit the technicolour theme, and whilst it isn't the most cheerful of colours, Porchester Square, like it or lump it, is one of Nails Inc's best selling shades.

Porchester Square is one of those greige, beige, nude, natural shades, which is actually officially described by Nails Inc as a muted mushroom. It's one of those colours that just works no matter what your age, or the occasion, it just makes your nails look clean, tidy and finished. 

I already own a couple of bottles of Porchester Square. and I even posted a nails of the day way back in 2012, which you can see here, so I will be passing this bottle on to a friend. This polish is in the original Nails Inc bottle which retails at around £11, and you can also buy this shade in the larger size Gel Effect polish for around £15.

Bandzee Hair Ties - 015 - 4 x Pack - Full size - RRP £3.99

Ah a Pink Parcel favourite, and another reason for complaints. I've received quite a few sets of these now in various Pink Parcels - I received the Suffragette set in March's Pink Parcel and I also own this set and a blue set.

Bandzees are basically elasticated, gentle, no snag, no break hair ties. I don't think that they are the most secure ties if you have longer or thicker hair, but they are idea for sleeping in and they also look quite cute and wristbands.

Since I last talked about Bandzees they've launched their own website where you can buy a wide range of different coloured Bandzees. This neutral brown toned set is 015 and retails at £3.99.

Willy's Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother - 50ml

Next up a slightly strange addition to the box, but Pink Parcel is after all a lifestyle and well being box, and cider vinegar has been described as a super food, which can improve immunity and increase energy. 

Taken from 300 year old apple orchards, this is pure raw and unpasteurised, naturally fermented apple cider vinegar. Willy's recommend a daily dose of 25ml which can either be added to, or diluted in to drinks, or as a salad dressing, or as a food seasoning or even in a facial sauna. I haven't used mine yet but I think I'll probably by using it as a salad dressing. I can't find a retail price for this singular bottle, but you can buy 15 x 50ml bottles directly from Willy's for £34, and larger bottles are also available from Waitrose, Amazon and Holland And Barrett.

Whitworths Shots Toffee And Pecan - 25g

As nice as it is to try something new, it's always nice to receive something that you already love. I'm a huge snack fan and I'm always looking for things that are slightly healthier than a bar of chocolate. These taste really naughty but at only 99 calories per packet they aren't actually that bad for you. The pouch contains sweet and chewy dates, sultanas, pecan and lovely real toffee balls. It's a gorgeous, moreish mix of tastes and textures, and it's a really good pick me up if you're in need of something sweet. They have a retail price of £1.60 for 4 pouches, but I tend to buy mine in Poundland x 

t+ Detox Apple & Blackcurrant Green Tea & Vitamins - 1 x 2g Tea Bag

Finally another familiar brand to Pink Parcel, t+. I received t+ bags in both January and April Pink Parcels, but as I've told you before I never seem to manage to drink any of them - Mummy Lou always seems to beat me to it - I think I might set up a secret stash of tea bags that she doesn't know about!

This is basically a detox tea, so it's perfect for the pre menstrual bloat, it contains green tea blended with milk thistle, dandelion root, ginseng, vitamins and minerals, and apple and blackcurrant flavours. I can't find this particular bag online anymore so it may have been discontinued. 

So, what did I think of June's all be it belated Pink Parcel, well it wasn't bad but I can see why some people were disappointed. The standout item for me is without a doubt the lipstick, and if I didn't already own it I would also have been pretty happy with the nail polish. Whilst there were a couple of bits that I hadn't seen before there were a few repeats so it wasn't the most original box, and again the number of sanitary products could be an issue for some people. So I've still got issues with Pink Parcel but I'm going to stick with it for now, and fingers crossed July's box arrives without incident.  Am I being too generous with my opinion? Let me know your thoughts on this box in the comments x 

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