Thursday 4 July 2019

Unboxing Glossybox UK - June 2019 Edition - Summer Soiree*

Well, surprise, surprise I'm playing catch up again, life's got in the way again this week so I'm completely behind schedule but hopefully I can make it up to you, in the next few weeks, with a whole barrage of new posts :)

I've got quite a few unboxing posts to come but I thought I'd start off by talking about one of my favourite subscription boxes at the moment, Glossybox. Now from the photographs in this post, this particular Glossybox doesn't look that special, it's just the traditional pink and black box with the same pink and black, ribbon, paper shred and tissue. Nothing new or original there, but what you probably cant see from my pictures is the slightly different size. I was one of a number of Glossybox subscribers who were given the chance in June to trial a new size box  - it might look the same but it's actually a bit smaller and not quite as deep. I don't mind either way, I guess a smaller box could mean smaller products inside but it will be interesting to see if the box size does change in the future.

June's box was all about celebrating summer, and the contents was created to help you get ready for all of those summer occasions and events. I don't have really have any occasions or events planned over the next few months, but I think that I will still got a lot of use out the products in this box - Want to know what's inside? then read on x

Avant Skincare Pro Perfecting Collagen Primer Touche Eclat - 30ml - Full Size - Est. RRP £85

The first item in the box is something that was hinted at in May's addition, a make up primer from high end, cruelty free British skin care company Avant. I hadn't heard of Avant until I received a tube of their fabulous all in one eye, and night cream in the January addition of Glossybox (read my thoughts here), and it was love! It makes my skin feel like silk but unfortunately at £92 it is way, way out of my budget.

That's why then I was quite excited to be able to try another product from the range. This a lightweight primer promised to mattify and soften the skin, and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It contains Cetiol Sensoft to balance and soften the skin, and Isododecane to prevent patchy skin, and the evaporation of moisture, and to maintain skin elasticity.

The product itself is a white in colour, and has an almost serum like, cream gel feel, it's very runny so you have to be careful not to squeeze out too much at once. It has a slight scent but nothing too obvious.

Like most primers you apply it to the skin when your moisturiser has fully absorbed. It dried down quite quickly and a slightly mattifying in fact was visible all most straight away. It didn't feel too heavy or mask like and it didn't feel drying on the skin. I tried with a couple of different foundations and even with the thickest of consistencies I didn't notice any pilling or roll off. I think my foundation did last a tiny bit longer and my skin definitely seemed less oily.

I'm not a huge fan of heavy, greasy, or silicone primers, so this one was right up my street - it did the job and it didn't make my skin feel as though I was wearing a mask - I would definitely consider buying it again but it's so price prohibitive and there are so many similar and cheaper products on the market now that I'd probably save my money and go else where. The only place that I can find this product is direct from Avant, and whilst the packaging is different the product is the same, so if you fancy giving this a go, then you can expect to shell out about £85!!

Unwined By Hask Brut Rose Inspired Color Protect & Hydrate Deep Conditioner - 50g - Full Size - RRP £3.99

I first came across Hask as a brand many moons ago now in Primark, alas they no longer seem to stock this American hair care brand but its good to know that they are still alive and kicking, with an ever expanding range, that is readily available from Superdrug.

In June every Glossybox subscriber received one of three intensive hair masks and the one I received was specifically designed to protect and maintain hair colour. Like all of the other products in the range this mask is free from sulfates, parabens, gluten and artificial colours, and their products are also free from animal testing. The products in this particular range contain wine extract which is packed full of antioxidants which help to rejuvenate, strengthen and soften the hair. This particular mask also contains something called resveratrol which is found is grape skin, grapeseed oil, and rose and strawberry extracts.

After a brief and relatively unsuccessful flirtation with home hair colours (post coming soon!), I've actually been to the hairdressers today, the greys are covered and I now have fabulous, deep, dark red wine locks so I will be trying out this mask in due course to help maintain my colour x Keep an eye on my monthly empties posts to read my thoughts, but if you fancy trying this yourself then it's only £3.99 in Superdrug. 

Model Co Lip Creme Matte - Peachy Nude - 4ml - Full Size - Est. RRP £15

Next up a product from a subscription box, and magazine freebie favourite brand, Australian company Model Co.

I'm not going to lie but I can't actually find too much out about this product, other than it's both vegan and cruelty free - According to Glossybox it's a new launch and it promises long lasting highly pigmented colour.

The shade on offer in June's Glossybox is Peachy Nude, and that's probably a good call for the colour description too. It's definitely more of a brown nude, with definite peach tones. I'm not convinced this shade works on me particularly but hey ho...

Products like this need to applied pretty well in order to look amazing, and I don't always think that sponge applicators cut it - I know my lips aren't the perfect shape but with applicators like this, and darker shades I always feel like two year old trying to stay between the lines, feathering and smears eat your heart out! Other than my less than perfect application technique (people always blame their tools heehee!) that actually feels quite nice when you first apply it -  it has a nice fruity scent and taste and it feels quite smooth and creamy, give it a minute or two though and you can feel the moisture been sucked out of your lips. It darkens slightly as it dries down, and when it does it literally clings to every line and imperfection on your lips.

It's not horrible by any means, and it's definitely not the most drying matte lip colour that I've ever used but I whether it's down to the colour or the texture I just don't think I'm a fan. On the plus side it does wear incredibly well, I almost never end up having any lip colour on to take off at the end of the day but I did with this one, shame about the butt hole lip type fading though.

So I'm afraid this product isn't really for me but if you fancy trying it yourself then I'm afraid you'll need to scour the net - I can't find this particular product anywhere apart from on ebay and I think we can guess when they came from...

Sleek Make Up Face Form Contour & Blush Palette - Light - 20g - Full Size - RRP £9.99

From something that I didn't get on with, to something that I most definitely did! This fabulous palette from Sleek actually comes in four shades, but from what I gather there were only two available in June's Glossybox - Fair and Light. I would have been happy with either colour to be honest but I received Light and I couldn't be happier.

Officially called a blush and contour palette, this compact palette contains 3 good sized shades - a matte bronzer / contour powder, a gorgeous shimmery champagne illuminator / highlighter, and a shimmery golden peach / pink blush.

I knew on sight that this palette could be a winner, and that was confirmed with one, quick swatch. All of the colours are soft, and silky smooth and the pigmentation is amazing. The shades blend easily into the skin and into each other. You can use the whole kit together or you can use them, as individual components, and you can even use the bronzer the champagne shades on your eyes.

This is a lovely kit that is perfect for your handbag or your travel bag - you can use it in so many different ways and the shades are perfect for paler skins. I've lost count of how many cheek products that I have in my collection but even with all the competition in my stash, this product has still became one of my most used make up items over the last month. As I say it comes in four shades, so you're bound to find one to suit. It retails at around £9.99 and it's available from Sleek stockists including Boots and their own website.

Meech N Mia Eyeshadow Chubby Stix #054 - 2.2g - Full Size - RRP £12.99

Subscription boxes really can be a mixed bag and you never truly know anything about a product until you try it. When I saw this chunky gold eyeshadow pencil in my box I was really excited - I love the convenience of products like this and I love trying new brands like Meech N Mia.

Meech N Mia, who don't test their products on animals, claim that this is a highly pigmented, smooth and blendable pencil with a rich creamy texture, but are they right?

I love the ease and the convenience of pencils like this, they're great when you're in a hurry or you're feeling a little bit lazy, all you do is just swipe the pencil over your eyelids, maybe blend a bit if you have time, and you're ready to go. I had high hopes for this one but it just didn't cut the mustard. It wasn't the softest or the creamiest of pencils and it whilst it was easy enough to swatch it on my wrists, applying it to my eyes was a different story! I found I had to press quite hard to get any colour payoff, and I definitely as though it was dragging and pulling on my eyelids - it just wasn't soft enough or creamy enough - once I managed to get some colour it did last quite a while but with all of the pulling and dragging it just wasn't worth it - I'm going to try sharpening it a bit or even heating the tip to see if that improves the texture - I won't give up on it just yet but I can't say I'm hopeful and for £12.99 I don't think I would repurchase. The only retailer I can find this at is direct from Meech N Mia.

So that was late review of June's Glossybox, and even though I didn't get on with a couple of the products it wasn't a bad box - the value was definitely there and the Sleek palette in my opinion more than made up for any disappointments elsewhere. Let me know your thoughts on this box this comments and if you fancy trying July's box which contains a bottle of Moroccanoil, then click this link to find out more x 

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