Saturday 20 July 2019

Unboxing Papergang Box - No 41 - July 2019 Edition - In Bloom*

If I was ever to let you have a look inside my wardrobe and even just in my bedroom, then you'd probably learn a few things about me. The first thing that you'd probably notice is that I'm not the tidiest or most organised of people, but then you'd probably notice that I have a bit of a thing for florals. I love subtle, cute girly florals, and I love gaudy, bright, retro floral prints. Whether they're real ones in a vase, in a print on a dress or even on a cushion, flowers just make me happy, and that's why July's Papergang box with its "In Bloom" theme is right up my garden path.

July's box is designed and curated by illustrator Chloe Hall, who is famous for her calming print and patterns that are inspired by nature. She is the perfect fit for the July box which is about flowers, botanicals and floral prints.

The usual brown cardboard box, is surrounded as per usual by a themed, cut out, Papergang sleeve, which sets the tone for the entire box. This time it features a floral design in shades of pink, peach, greens and neutral tones. In the past we've had book marks and even a cut out whale but this time the back of the box features some cut out and use pretty floral gift tags.

The contents of the box like last month, is wrapped in bright blue tissue paper, a sheet of tissue is always useful for gift wrapping and so on, but I can't help feeling that the bright blue isn't exactly in keeping with the colour tones, and theme of the box.

The first thing that you always get in the Papergang box is the usual information booklet that tells you a little bit about the contents and it also features a Q&A with illustrator and designer, Chloe Hall who talks about her work and her inspirations, it's a nice addition but as per usual the rest of the contents is way more exciting.

A5 Letter Set

The first item in the box is a letter set which includes 10 sheets of writing paper, and 10 matching envelopes, both featuring the same floral bright and pastel floral design as the outer box sleeve. Both the sheets of writing paper and the envelopes are printed in the UK onto FSC certified paper stock.

The paper is a nice quality and I love the floral design. Like most people I've got out of the habit of writing letters which is a real shame. Letters can have way more of an impact and meaning that just a text message or a phone call, you can keep a letter and keep a memory. There is always someone that we need to say thank you to or even to just say hello, so why not write them a letter instead of sending a Whatsapp or writing on their Facebook wall, it's definitely something that I want to try and do more of. There is no value put against any of the items in this box, and I can't find anything similar on the Ohh Deer website.

A6 Notebook 

Next up a small A6, lined,  paperback notebook, which again features the floral box pattern, it has the word "notes" embossed on the front in gold foil. Again it's printed in the UK, this time using eco friendly toners and vegetable based inks.

Although I find A6 and small notebooks a little bit too small for blog planning, they are really useful for notes and reminders. So many people (me included) use their phones for making notes and setting reminders now, but I love the whole idea of using a pen and paper. This notebook is perfect for when you're on the go and you could probably fit it in a large pocket or even a tiny handbag. 

Again no price is given on this, but similar sized notebooks retail on Ohh Deer at around £5.95 for a pack of three.

Document Holder

The next item is a canvas feel, fabric, zip up pouch, that features the same floral design as the rest of the items in the box only in slightly brighter, more vibrant colours. Officially called a document holder, it would be great as an extra large pencil case, or as a cheery way to store receipts and paperwork. Since beauty is my thing though I'll probably use it as a make up or a toiletry bag. It's not the biggest of bags when it comes to documents but the entire contents of the box easily fits inside. As with everything else in the July edition there is no value given.

Sticker Sheet 

As I mentioned in my previous Papergang post (read it here if you haven't already) I love stickers, not quite as much as I love florals, but I do love stickers, so I was really pleased to receive a lovely sheet of coordinating floral stickers in this months box. It's the same size sheet as the ocean themed stickers in last months box, so it isn't the biggest sheet, but it contains 13 lovely stickers that will work perfectly alongside the writing set. There isn't any value placed on this sticker sheet but Ohh Deer sell similar packs of 3 sticker sheets for around £4.95.

Bullet Pen

Notebooks and writing sets are all well and good but paper isn't much use without a pen. Officially described as a bullet pen, this is a long skinny curved pen that almost resembles a chopstick. It's navy blue, and gold in colour and the Ohh Deer logo is embossed on the side. It has a twist mechanism and it writes in blue ink. 

Universal Calendar Card 

The final item in the box as per usual in the universal calendar card. Like all of the items it features the same floral design, but this tome in washed out, almost pixelated shades of pink, dark leaves and green numbers. 

I love florals and I loved this box. Again I love the way that the theme carries through the whole box, and that every item is coordinated and works so well together. As I said earlier there were no values given for any item in this months box so it's really hard to say whether or not the box was worth the money. Being a stationery addict I love the whole concept of Papergang but I've got to be honest and say that I'm not 100% sure that it represents real value for money, and whether I could get similar or equally nice things elsewhere. As I say I do love the box, and I like the ones that I've had so far, so I'm going to stick with it for now but I don't think that I'm going to end up being a long term subscriber, and I think that I'll probably be cancelling sooner rather than later. If you're interested in finding out more about Papergang please check out their website here, and don't forget to let me know what you think about this box in the comments x

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