Monday 15 December 2014

November / December Haul - Part 2 - Fashion and Beauty Featuring Make Up Revolution, Real Techniques And More

Happy Monday Guys x I hope today hasn't been too awful for you x Apart from cooking a yummy pasta dish the only other thing I've done today is brave the shops to finish my Christmas shopping. Bar a few ebay no shows I'm done. I really love shopping but not at this time of year, it's way to busy and way too stressful. Over the last month and a bit though I have picked up a few things for myself, I'm very much a one for me one for you person :)

We'll start off with clothes and it wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas jumper. For many years they were considered naff, think Bridget Jones and her turkey curry, now tho they seem to be a bit of a must have. I already have a Christmas pudding from last year but I couldn't resist these fluffy sheep in Santa hats.

The sequins give is just a hint of tackiness but I just think it's really cute. Slightly blurry pic below but I teamed it with a winter skirt and tights for National Christmas Jumper Day on Friday. I think that I'll be wearing it with jeans and leggings for the rest of the festive season though. I got my jumper from Littlewoods and it was also available for Very, unfortunately it doesn't appear to be online anymore.

Sticking with the Christmas theme I also bought some Nordic themed reindeer socks from ebay. I didn't really need anymore socks but I bought a couple of pairs for gifts and you know the one for me, one for you theory. It's probably too late to get these in time for Christmas, but there is nothing wrong with thinking ahead for next year ;) There are a few different colours to choose from and they are just 99p from this seller.

My last clothing purchase was a bit of a silly one courtesy of Groupon. At this time of year we really get the urge to nest, and there is nothing better for keeping cosy than an animal onesie!

I know it's completely ridiculous, but I couldn't resist my Cheshire Cat, The face is on the hood and it even has a little tail

It was £16.99 with £1.99 postage and  there were quite a few different ones to choose from including Piglet, Eeyore, Olaf from Frozen, and lots of different animals.

As well as my little Body Shop and Neals Yard hauls I've also bought quite a few other beauty things lately, including the pretty fabulous Beauty At Tesco Advent Calendar. I got it for half price (£25) on Black Friday.I'm going to do a couple of posts on the contents for you but so far I'm pretty pleased with it.

Over the last month or so I've also placed a couple of Avon orders and I've also made probably my last ever bubble bath purchase whilst living in this house

I'm still using up a huge bottle of Avon's Cranberry and Orange Bubble Bath from last year but I love the smell and I couldn't resist a bottle of this years incarnation, Avon Mrs Frosty Bubble Bath in Spiced Cranberry and Orange. I love the snow person shaped bottles and you can also get a Mr Frosty variant, which contains Spiced Apple Bubble Bath. For just £2 each I think that either of these would make a great stocking filler and I may have picked up a few extra ones for my friends and family

As well as my bubble baths I also got a couple of nail polishes from Avon. As you know I'm a big fan of their polishes and I may have just found a new love.

Their new Stardust Nail Enamels are crammed full of sparkly glitter but unusually they have a slightly matte finish. I want them all! but in two orders I got two polishes Black Sequins, which is full of black and silver glitter, and Crystalized Pink, with is cram packed with pale, warm pink sparkle. I got these on special offer but they normally retail at £6 each. I love them but I will be waiting for another offer before I pick up the rest x

Okay time for the biggest part of the haul and if you follow me on instagram you'll know that it's from Make Up Revolution. Over the last month and a bit I've placed two orders with Make Up Revolution. The first order was a pretty big one and contained some things for me and some things that I bought for gifts.  I'm going to review everything that I bought in due course so this is really just a quick peek x

First up two of the new lip products, I got an I♥MAKEUP Super Wow High Gloss Lip Colour Stick in Hanging On The Telephone and one of the new #LipHug Lipsticks in Not Giving Up.

Next up cheeks, and my blusher obsession continued with the purchase of 3 more face products. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with the Make Up Revolution Blush Palettes that I already have and after seeing pictures of the new creams and pink palettes I need those in my life too. Unfortunately they weren't on sale when I placed either of my orders but Golden Sugar was.

This is such a pretty palette and contains a combination of baked, shimmery, merged blushers in pinks, nudes and bronzes, and two almost bronze shades.

As well as the palette, I also ordered two of their designer inspired blush products -The One Blush Stick in Rush,

and The One Fluid Blusher in Pink Dew.

There has been such a buzz about both of these products that I can't wait to give them a try. Reviews of both of these products will be on the blog in the next week or so, starting with my review of Pink Dew which will be up this week.

As well as pretty lip colours and pretty blushers I also got a couple of their mono eyeshadows, Frozen, a silver, grey and Insomnia, a plum shade.

Swatches of these shadows will also pop up on the blog later this week for reasons that will soon become apparent :)

Like most websites at the moment, Make Up Revolution have had a few decent offers on lately. I love a decent offer and it was a free gift offer that eventually encouraged me to place another order. The free gift on this occasion was the I♥MAKEUP I Heart Sin Palette.

I love the packaging, a shiny black palette with a clear purple, faceted acrylic heart. I will be reviewing this palette on the blog but it's a fabulous combination of neutral, bright and almost neon eyeshadows.

So that was the first part of my Make Up Revolution haul,  My second order took advantage of another special offer -Black Friday, and at the moment I'm really trying to resist placing another order! Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to photograph all of my Black Friday haul yet so I'm going to try and get another haul post up at the beginning of next week.

As well as my clothing, Avon, and Make Up Revolution purchases I also bought a few more random beauty bits including my first Real Techniques brush - the Silicone Liner brush

I being debating whether to buy this brush for a little while now. I asked for some opinions on twitter and I got a few mixed responses but I've decided to take the plunge. I've got out of the habit of using eyeliner but I always used to prefer cream and gel liners, so I'm hoping that a new brush might give me the push I need to start wearing it again.

Something else that I got from Boots was another bottle of the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner. As much as I love the Clarins Exfoliating Toner, and Alpha H Liquid Gold I can't justify a repurchase at the moment, and to be honest this cheaper seems to be doing a decent job. I don't think it's quite as strong as the other two products, as I don't seem to get the tingle, but it does seem to leave my skin feeling smoother and looking cleaner and brighter.

Only two purchases to go and something else with a festive slant, and something else that I got from ebay :)

Nail stickers! I used quite a few of my festive nail stickers and transfers up last year so I thought I'd buy a few more. I had a little search on ebay and this kit was one of the best value ones that I could find. For just £1.09 I got 12 sheets of festive stickers, some of them are a little odd (bells with faces, yellow Santa's?) but there are snowflakes, Santa's, mittens, wreaths, trees, holly, presents and pretty much anything else that's festive that you can think of. They came from this seller in China so unfortunately you wouldn't get them in time for this years festivities but the bows I got in my kit could be used all year round and you could always keep them for next Christmas.

The final proper purchase in my November and early December haul is something else (hint, hint) that you may be seeing later on this week.

I didn't really need another make up bag but I loved the wording on this one "Don't Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle". Unfortunately it's not on the Next website anymore but it might be worth having a look in store and if not you might want to check out one of this weeks up and coming blog posts ;)

The final two items in this haul are both nail polishes and are both magazine freebies. Unfortunately this ones gone from stores now but last months Glamour magazine came with a free full sized Nails Inc polish - I want for Marylebone Mews - a taupe, greige, nude shade.

From one you can no longer get to one that's still on sale.but you have to know where to look. The January issue of Marie Claire is currently on sale in WHSmith for just £2. Not only that but it also comes with a free mini Ciate nail polish, there are a few shades to choose from but I went for Snow Glow, a gorgeous iridescent flakie.

Congratulations you've made it to the end of a very lengthy haul :)  Since this haul was photographed I've naughtily made another couple of purchases so I'm going to try and get myself organised and show you my final haul of 2014 at the beginning of next week. In the meantime if you have any questions or comments on any of my buys please leave me your scribbles below xx

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  1. the blush palette by make up revolution is just so pretty! i've just discovered them and definitely will be trying to get that!

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