Wednesday 17 December 2014

A Last Minute Gift Idea - The Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher*

It really is make your mind up time now, with less than a week to go now to the big day, we need to start picking up those last minute gifts and checking those names off on out lists. If your still looking for a pressie for that awkward mum, gran, friend or sister then I might have the answer for you.

Whether you like your nails long or short, above all you want them to look healthy. Giving them the occasional file, and slathering them in moisturiser can make a real difference to their appearance but sometimes they need something a little bit extra. As much as I love them, I'm not talking about nail strengtheners, I'm talking about nail buffing.

Ill health, not using a base coat, diet and ageing can all play havoc with the surface of nails, leaving them dull, ridged and uneven. Like every other part of our face, and body a little bit of exfoliation can make a world of difference.  A rub over with a nail buffer can instantly leave the nails smoother and shinier, as well as increasing the circulation which can in turn help your nails to grow. You can pick up nail buffers for less than a pound pretty much anywhere but they don't last very long, and if your nails are really bad it can take a lot of effort to achieve that perfect finish. Recently though I was sent a gadget to take the time and effort out of buffing your nails.

Famous for their MICRO Pedi foot file, earlier this year Emjoi introduced their MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher.

This isn't the first battery operated or electrical nail polisher to hit the market but having tried a few in the past, in my opinion it's one of the best.

The slim pink unit comes boxed, and comes with two AA batteries, 4 rollers, a storage pouch for the heads, and full instructions.

The batteries slip into a locked compartment on the base, and the unit operates with a simple slider switch and the unit features a removable cap for safety and to keep your head clean.

The rollers are very easy to change and just slip on and off the head of the unit.

The unit comes with four rollers, two of each type. The first head that you have is the green MICRO Smooth Roller. This is a slightly rough, roller that is designed to remove ridges, and roughness on the surface of the nail. You use this roller for only a couple of seconds on each nail. This is the most abrasive of the two rollers and you only use this roller once every two weeks. This roller rotates around 1800 times a minute, can you imagine using a manual buffer that many times? You just couldn't do it by hand.

You also get two MICRO Shine Rollers. These rollers are white in colour, and have a smooth, almost rubbery feel. They are designed to add shine and gloss to the nails, and can be used as often as required.

I was going to just show you some basic before, and after photographs, but feeling inspired I've recorded a short video demonstrating just exactly how easy this is to use.

As you can see I didn't demonstrate this on my own nails. Instead I decided to give it a real test and try if on my beautiful, 84 year old Godmother. She has beautiful nails, but due to age and illness her nails are now quite ridged and dare I say it a little bit stained. She is a regular nail buffer so I was interested to see how this compared to the cheap manual buffers that she usually uses.





After just one quick treatment, you really can see a difference. Her nails are a lot healthier looking, they're definitely pinker and they're definitely more shiny. Yes, there are still ridges there but with continued use I'm sure that the Emjoi MICRO Nail would make a significant difference to her nails.

Manual nail buffers have their place, but this gadget takes nail buffing to another level. It's quicker and easier than a manual buffer, and the results it leaves speak for themselves. As well as my Godmother, both me and Mummy Lou have also been using this for a little while now, and all of our nails were left feel very, very smooth and looking very glossy and shiny. After using this gadget,my own nails personally looked as though I was wearing a clear nail polish. If you can't wear nail polish for work or for school, then this tool is a good alternative and will give you shiny nails that will last for at least two weeks. If you're like me though and you do wear polish then the smooth and glossy finish, that the MICRO Nail produces makes your polish apply more evenly and gives it a smoother finish.

Are there any drawbacks? well not really, as long as you follow the instructions this gadget will benefit your nails and not damage them. If you press too hard the tool stops, you just need to make sure that you don't over use it.

If your nails are more ridged or your using it on your toenails then you may go through the rollers more quickly but you can buy refill packs of 4 rollers, 2 of each kind for around £12.99.

I think that this would make a great gift for anyone who cares about their hands and their nails, or even as a treat for yourself. The Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher retails at £39.99 but it's currently on special offer at both Boots and Superdrug for £29.99. 

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