Sunday 14 December 2014

November / December Haul - Part 1 - Home Accessories - H&M, Busy Bee, Yankee Candles And More

I know that December is a busy month for most people, but I just seem to be constantly on the go at the moment. As a result my November haul pretty much forgotten about, so I've decided to do a combined November and beginning of  December haul :) Like Octobers haul this one too, is going to be split into two parts - home accessories, and fashion and beauty.

I'm really into prettifying my surroundings at the moment and like so many others I've decided to embrace the festive bedding trend. As much as I love all the reds and the reindeer's they don't really fit in with the pastels, and the silver and purple tones of my room. So I went for this Nordic, style offering from Studio.

Covered in geometric snowflakes, and tiny hearts, it's grey and white, and I think it will work perfectly with the rest of my decor, bar my tartan throw from Primark but that's staying no matter what because it's so cosy :) Unfortunately I can't find this duvet set on the Studio website anymore but they have some similar Nordic styles, and of course the baubles and reindeer's that we've come to expect.

My name is Louise, and I'm obsessed with cushions! I love cushions, and I always have a huge stack of them on my bed. Every time a new cushion appears I can almost see my mums eyes starting to roll, so I'm trying to cut down on the amount that I buy, after all I don't really need 8 cushions and 4 plus pillows on my bed. Last month though I saw a cushion that I loved and thankfully it wasn't a cushion, it was actually a cushion cover.

This gorgeous wool mix, cushion cover comes from H&M. The fabric is a really nice quality, and the grey, blue colour coordinates perfectly with my new duvet set. The thing I love most about this cushion though is the print, on the front embroidered in silver are the words " Meet Me Under The Stars" and a little star. I love it and it's going to have pride of place on my festive bed. It was £7.99 from the H&M website and it also comes in an ivory, white with gold writing.

I really wish that an H&M store near me stocked their home products, I'm really loving a lot of their pieces at the moment, and continuing on with Octobers owl theme I couldn't resist this owl tea light holder.

Made of a glossy white ceramic, this little guy also comes in a turquoise / duck egg blue. To be honest I don't think I'm going to use real tea lights in him, he's too cute for that, but I'm sure he'll look just as pretty with a battery operated one, tucked inside. He was £6.99 and he also came from the H&M website.

I was so impressed with my October purchases from Busy Bee Candles that I couldn't resist placing another order, this time for some more festive scents.

My mum is a huge fan of ginger fragrances, so we got 2 Ginger Christmas Soy Wax Tart Melts. We haven't tried these yet but they smell exactly like gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. We also got a Mulled Wine Soy Wax Tart Melt, which smells deliciously fruity,with just a hint of spice, and a Christmas Spice Room And Linen Freshener. If you buy nothing else from Busy Bee Candles then buy this room spray. So many room sprays are synthetic and just not that nice but this is something else, if you love the smell of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger then you need this room spray in your life. For just £5.95 this product really is Christmas in a bottle!

I was a silly billy though and placed my Busy Bee order the day before Black Friday, thus missing out on their discount offers :( The lovely people at Busy Bee though kindly put a little extra in with my parcel to make up for the fact that I missed out on the offer. The product they gave me was some Jack Frost Magik Beanz. If you like candy canes and After Eights then this is the fragrance for you. It's a combination of peppermint and vanilla, that clears your head and makes your mouth water in equal measure.

I'm really loving all of these festive scents at the moment, and for a fruit and floral girl that's really saying something. I was inspired to make me next purchase by Shannon from Raspberrykiss. Like me she's a bit of a fan of home hauls, and recently she bought some festive wax melts from Poundland.

I'm a bit of a Poundland fan so I had a little look and found some of the Airpure Wax Melts in Mulled Wine. They come in a sold block divided into 6, all you do is snap off a melt and put it in a melt warmer or a burner. Again I haven't tried these yet but they do smell nice, a bit spicy and a bit fruity.

My final home purchase of the month was another fragrance item and this time it was from Yankee Candles.

Excuse the bad pictures but this is a Yankee Candles Car Jar in Lemon Lavender. This is one of my favourite ever Yankee fragrances, and it's one that I tend to burn at night. You get a fresh lavender scent with just a hint of citrus, some people find it enlivening but I find it quite relaxing. Unlike cardboard air fresheners of the past, these are plastic jars, with a gel fragrance in them, so the fragrance is more intense and  lasts longer. This isn't for the car instead I'm planning on using this one either in my wardrobe or as a general room fragrance. I have bought one for my mum's Christmas stocking though, in the Macintosh apple fragrance, which she will probably use in the car.

So that was my November and early December home haul. If you have any questions on anything that I've bought please leave me a comment, and I'll see you tomorrow with my beauty and fashion haul, and maybe something else x

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  1. Thank you for the mention Lou! I've not tried my mulled wine melt yet but I am looking forward to seeing how it performs! :) xo


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