Saturday 20 December 2014

Make Up Revolution - The One Fluid Blusher In Pink Dew And Mono Eyeshadows In Frozen And Insomnia

Hey Everyone x I hope you've all had a safe and successful Panic Saturday :) Apart from a trip to the vets surgery this morning I stayed well clear of anything even resembling a shop. I'm still waiting for a couple of parcels but other than that my Christmas shopping is done. There is still so much to do though around the house, and I still have presents to wrap so I can't kick back and enjoy the festivities just yet. 

Although I have pretty much a chockablock schedule leading up to the big day I'm still going to be popping up with quite a few blog posts between now and then, including a recipe, a haul, my Beauty At Tesco advent calendar update, and maybe even a little giveaway. I'm going to start off though, with a review post.

In my last haul post I showed you quite a number of Make Up Revolution items, I promise I'll get round to reviewing them all in due course, but for starters I thought that I'd feature a review of 3 products that you can win in my up and coming giveaway.

If you'd asked my 5 years ago, what my make up thing was? the answer would probably have been eyeshadow or lipgloss, ask me now though, and there is no questions that my answer would be blusher. From being something that I used to be quite scared of, it's now something that I'm probably obsessed with. I'm a bit boring colour wise when it comes to blusher, but something that I do experiment with is texture. Despite having quite an oily complexion I don't just stick to powder, and loose mineral blushers I love liquids, gels and creams, and I love the different tones and finishes that they can produce.

Whilst cream blushers and rouges have always been popular, liquids seem to have been slower to catch on. Some of the liquid cheek colours like Benefits Benetint have been around for years and remain popular as do some of the high street dupes, but sit and think what other liquid blushers are out there and you'll probably be scratching your head.

Who am I kidding? You're probably a beauty junkie like me, so you'll love your products and innovations as much as I do, and unless you've been living under a rock you'll have heard of Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers.

These tiny little bottles are filled with an highly pigmented, almost water like formulation, that contains, silicone's, vitamin E and jojoba. I've never made any secret over the fact that I'm a huge fan. A little goes a ridiculously long way, and the wear time even on my greasy skin, is fantastic. I only own two Flush and Cherub, but if my finances would allow it I would happily shell out £14 a bottle and pick up some more of the shades.

I'd love to buy more and more, high end make up but like most of us I need to be sensible about what I buy and what I spend, that's why I love brands like Make Up Revolutions. I know some people aren't fans of drugstore versions and interpretations of high end products but for me you pays your money, you makes your choice.

A few months ago now Make Up Revolution introduced The One Fluid Blushers to their ever expanding range. Like the Daniel Sander Watercolours, The One Fluid Blushers come packaged in small 14.4g plastic bottles, and contain a ball bearing or shaker to mix the fluid. As well as intense pigments The One Fluid Blusher also contain silicone, vitamin E and jojoba - sound familiar?

There are currently 5 shades to choose from, ranging from peaches, pinks and nudes. I'm a bit of a pink girly so I went for the shade Pink Dew.

Pink Dew is a pale, almost blue toned, candy pink. The lighting played havoc with all of the photographs in this post so it's looking quite a bit warmer here than what it does in real life. It looks quite scary but when it blends down, the finish is actually quite sheer.

Like the packaging and the ingredients, the texture is almost identical to it's more expensive counterpart. It's very liquidy, and has a velvety, almost oily feel. All you do is apply a couple of drops to the back of your hand, then either using a brush or your fingers, you just blend it into your cheeks. It has quite a sheer coverage but you can repeat the application to get a deeper colour.

I'm not sure how well you can see the colour in these pictures but I hope it gives you some idea of the pretty, natural flush and glow that it gives.

I have to say that this product does compare pretty well to the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush. It is a very, very similar product in both texture, ingredients and packaging. I have to say though that I did find the texture of this one ever so slightly oilier and as result I didn't find it quite as long lasting. Because of the slightly oilier texture I also found that it was a bit more difficult to apply it on top of a powder, so if like me you have an oilier skin you might want to skip the powder and stick to either a matter or a satin finish foundation. For the price though I guess I can live without a bit of face powder on my cheeks. 

This product retails at a pretty fabulous £3 for a 14.4g bottle, compared to £14.50 for 15ml for the Daniel Sandler alternative. I still love my Daniel Sandler Waterblush and I'll continue to recommend it but this is a pretty good alternative, especially if you're on a budget.

The very eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a tiny silver, purple flash on my eyelids, and it wouldn't be a Make Up Revolution haul if I didn't buy some eyeshadows. Unusually for me though I didn't go for a palette instead I went for a couple of their single mono eyeshadows - Frozen and Insomnia.

These two shades are perfect for this time of year. Frozen is a beautiful metallic silver shade, and Insomnia is a gorgeous wintry, shimmery burgundy, plum. Both of these powder shadows have an almost creamy feel, and the pigmentation as you can see is superb.

I've been wearing these two shades together with Frozen all over the lid, and Insomnia applied to the crease and in the outer corner. 

These pictures aren't the best (the lighting, the brows, the mascara smudges etc, etc.) and as a result they don't really do either of these shades justice. Insomnia is coming across as quite a cool toned purple here, where as in real life, it definitely warmer and more plum toned but hopefully they give you an idea of how easy these shadows are to blend. In my experience Make Up Revolutions shadows wear pretty well and these two singles, also wear well, with only a little bit of creasing and minimal fading.

I have to say I'm a fan, these shadows retail at just £1 each for 3.3g of shadow, and whether you're looking to duplicate an old favourite shade or try something new they're well worth picking up no matter what your budget.

All of the items in this post are available from either the Make Up Revolution website, or on the Superdrug website or in selected Superdrug stores. If you want to be in with a chance to win both of these eyeshadows, The One Fluid Blusher in Pink Dew and lots of other lovely things then you might want to read one of tomorrows posts ;) 

If you have any questions on any of the items in this post then please leave me a comment. I've been a bit rubbish with responding to comments lately but I still love reading what you have to say and I promise I will get better in 2015 x Thanks for reading xx

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