Tuesday 17 December 2013

A Pampering Christmas Gift Or A Treat For Yourself From Gelicity

Although I haven't done any specific gift guide posts this year I've still found a couple of bits that I think that would make great gifts or stocking fillers that I'd like to share with you in the final run up to Christmas.

I'm a huge, huge bath junkie I love my bath and the thought of living anywhere without one fills me with horror Obviously they're good for the getting you clean thing but I use them primarily for relaxing and for soothing my achy muscles. I have some pretty tuned in friends they're used to me being in a bit of state most of the time so they're big on buying me things to pamper myself with. A few years one of my best friends Helen bought me some of this.

At. first glance you'd probably think bath salts and in a tiny way you would be right, but these are so much more than that - this is bath salts with the volume turned up

Gelicity Spa Therapeutic Gel Bath, in my opinion is the perfect gift for some stressed to the hilt or for the beauty junkie that thinks they've tried everything.

Each box contains enough products for just one bath so this products really is all about indulgence. The box contains two packets one white, and one coloured. The idea is simple enough but full instructions are supplied. All you need to do is half fill your bath as you normally would

Then you open the sachet labelled as Step 1 i.e. the coloured one. It doesn't look that interesting to be honest but pop the lot into your bath.

Then give it a swirl around with your hands, and give it a few moments, then get into the bath.

Be prepared for an odd sensation at the time because quite frankly, the water doesn't feel like water any more, it feels thicker, and it feels as though it's full of tiny little jelly like beads. The feeling in my opinion is amazing. The jelly like texture feels as though it's constantly massaging and exfoliating your body, and the gel texture means the bath stays warmer for longer. I've done my best to give you an idea of what this looks and feels like but really we need feely technology, okay it's probably a good idea that you don't - here are some pics of me in the bath :)

How do you get rid of the gel though I here you say ? Whilst it will go down the plug hole quite easily this is where Step 2 and the second sachet comes into play. This white crystalline substance looks exactly like salt , well it would do because that's exactly what it is, sodium chloride aka salt.

Just add to you jelly filled bath, swoosh it around a bit and within a few minutes your jelly bath has started to revert back to it's normal liquid self leaving behind a lovely detoxifying, salt rich bath soak.It can take a little while to dissolve and if it doesn't all disappear all you need to do is add a little bit more salt courtesy of your kitchen cupboard.

I usually put my hair up in a turbie twist to keep it out of the way, but I normally have a quick shower down when I'm finished to make show I've removed all the gel x 

There are a couple of counter indications with some of the varieties with regards to pregnancy so always check before using the products It can also make the bath a little bit slippy so give it a good rinse when your done. I have to be honest and say whilst I love this my mum can't stand it.She just can't abide the feel of it and says's it reminds her a bit of frogspawn lol you can't please everyone I guess :) 

The G Spa Bath Gel comes in 3 varieties, Revive which contains Rosemary essential oil, Relax which contains Jasmine, Bergamot and Lavender, and the one I used here Soothe which is especially for sore, achy muscles and contains Juniper extract. You can also get little kits specifically for foot soaks which sound amazing. 

These aren't cheap for a single bath coming in about £9.89 for a single bath but there are great for a treat, or as a pamper present, or just for somebody you want to experience something new. You can purchase the full range of Gelicity Gel Spas from their website (they're promising Christmas delivery until tomorrow) and from various other retailers including Firebox, Find Me A Gift and Studio where my mum got mine :) Have you tried a jelly bath product before leave me a comment and let me know xx 

PS. As of 2022, this product has been discontinued and the brand has gone into liquidation

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