Sunday 22 December 2013

Detangling And Taming Your Tresses With Denman

This is another one of those catch up posts that I promised you. I received both of these products way back in the summer when my mind was on holidays not holly but they really are products that you can slot into your routine.

I mentioned in a previous post that my hair has gone crazy over the last few months, curly and uncontrollable and as a result it can get pretty tangled. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products can all play their part in helping with the tangles but they're nothing without a good brush or comb.

Over the last couple of years the market has become full of hair tools designed for detangling, and I was lucky enough to receive two very different products from one of my favourite hair brush brand Denman.

Denman D6 Brights Be Bop Shower Brush

This brush might look modern and almost space age but the Be Bop design is actually a Denman creation from over  60 years ago.

This brush primary function is as a detangling brush but it can also be used to give yourself a pampering hair and scalp massage helping to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth

The round brush fits into the palm of your hand via a fixed hand strap meaning you have total control.

Whilst you can use this brush as a conventional hair brush - I've predominantly used it as part of a pre shampoo scalp massage with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and I used it when I was on holiday to apply my hair oils and treatments. The Be Bop brush helps to work the product be it a shampoo or a conditioner into the hair and scalp, giving you a scalp massage at the same time. 

You can also use the brush to distribute styling products throughout the hair and I used it alongside the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Agent Perfecting Cream and achieved good results.

I don't think this brush is for everyone. It's not the softest brushes so you do need to be a bit careful especially if your hair is curly, try moving it in gentle circular motions and go with the curl rather than pulling against it. My curly haired mum wasn't a fan of this brush to be honest so maybe it is better on straighter styles. Price wise though you can't argue, some detangling brushes are well into double figures, but this one retails for just £3.50. I was sent the purple brush from the Brights range but you also got brushes in pink, blue, green, yellow and orange. If your fancy getting one for the man in your life though or if you fancy a more sedate colour, you can also get a silver or a black for around £2.97. Oh and if your really stuck this makes a pretty decent cat brush. We seem to have lost our furminator and Jasper needed a groom after falling in the bath (long story don't ask) so my mum tried this and as well as working really he didn't seem to mind it as much as his usual brush - result!

Denman D90 Dolphin Tangle Tamer

As I've already said in this post there are numerous brushes out there to help with tangles but this one differs from quite a number in that it has a handle, and a super slim one at that

It also looks like a more conventional hairbrush too with several rows of soft bristles in two different lengths mounted on an air cushion base.

The bristles feel very smooth and fine with no rough edges making this brush ideal for children, people with fine and more fragile hair, and for use on hair extensions (keep checking back in the new year for a hair extension post - me in extensions that's something you need to see!).

I have to be honest this brush has been one of my go to's over the last few months. I used it consistently when I was on holiday to get the salty and sandy tangles out of my hair, and I've used it ever since to brush through my hair before drying and due to it's smaller size it's also been pretty much a mainstay in my day bag.

The design I was sent admittedly features on the Denman website as a child's brush but you have to admit that the dolphin design is pretty cute. If that isn't your thing though the Tangle Tamer also comes in a yellow bumble bee and flower design, and in a plain and a plain black each with the Tangle Tamer logo. The plain colours retail at around £6.20 where as the patterns like mine retail at around £6.98.

If you have straight, wavy or tangled hair than I would definitely consider picking up either of these brushes. I probably wouldn't recommend them though if your hair is very curly or if you have really tight curls.

 The Tangle Tamer is by far my favourite though it suits my hair type, and texture perfectly, it's compact and easy to use and I'm very happy to include it in my September / October Favourites which you can see here or below x

The important thing to remember with any detangling brush is to take it slowly don't yank it through the hair. If you do your likely to create even more damage and it will hurt. Glide the brush gently through the hair and if you get a stuck bit tease it gently to loosen it. Yes lotions and potions can play a big role in keeping the hair smooth and tangle free but brushes like these can play a big part in achieving that silky look and feel. Both of these brushes are sensibly priced and because they're available in most major supermarkets and large chemist chains they will make a fab last minute pressie or stocking filler. Don't forget to check out the Denman website to find out more about their range of brushes and hair styling products. If you have any questions please leave me a comment xx

(Both The Denman D6 Brights Be Bop Shower Brush And The Denman D90 Dolphin Tangle Tamer Were Provided By PR For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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