Saturday 28 December 2013

LouLouLand Christmas Giveaway - Number 3 Winner Revealed And A Christmas Update xx

Hey Everyone x I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day x I woke with some pretty rubbishy hand pains but after a few ibuprofen and a cheeky glass of bubbly I was able to fully join in with the festivities.

I did consider doing a What I Got For Christmas post or video but I've decided against it. Every time I've done one in the past I've received hate and to be honest this year I can't be bothered to deal with other peoples misery and jealousy, so to you my genuine followers I'm sorry.

I was very, very spoilt this year to the extent that I nearly burst into tears on receipt of one of my pressies. Although I moan about them at time the majority of my family are amazing - I'm truly blessed in so many ways

I've posted a couple of present pics on my instagram account so feel free to have a look there x I'm @LouLou699 or you can find me here if you like x You'll also probably see some reviews of some of the skincare and make up in the weeks and months to come, and you'll also probably see the results of one of the presents too xx

So on Boxing Day my 3rd festive giveaway came to end, and the winner of my H&M toiletry bag and eyeshadow palette is...

Congratulations please can you email me your postal details to and I'll get your prize sent out as soon as possible 

I'm still waiting for the winner of my previous giveaway Lynn Mitchell to come forward. I know some people go away over the festive period ,so both of you lovely people have till the 2nd January to get in touch with me before I pick another winner x

You know the drill don't worry if you didn't win this time I still have quite a few more giveaways left to come and my elf 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette is still ongoing - click here to enter and my You Tube H&M scarf giveaway is still live which as yet only has 7 entries so you have a great chance of winning  x Good Luck x 

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  1. Woohoo - thanks so much xx Your comment above made me sad though that you would get hateful comments on your posts. I'm sure they are in the minority though as most of us love the blog xx Happy New Year when it comes xx


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