Monday 23 September 2013

Thinking Slimmer - Slim Pod - Week 18

Another maintain for me this week, but I'm not disappointed, in fact I'm feeling pretty good. Last week I had a hospital appointment and my consultant was super happy with my weight loss so far. She knows how hard it is for me to lose weight and the fact that she was pleased with, and surprised by my progress gave me a real confidence boost.

My hormones have ruled the roost over the last week or so, so a maintain wasn't that unexpected - it is quite frankly ridiculous how much water I seem to retain at the time of the month, so I'm hoping a little bit more might disappear before my holidays. Never mind if I'm still at the same weight when I get on the plane on Sunday I'll be a fairly happy Lou x

My plan for the rest of the week is to eat as well as possible, try and eat plenty of fruit and veg, and basically chill. I'm still going to be listening to my Slim Pod every night  this week for a little boost before I go away so hopefully I can at least maintain by my next weigh in.

Obviously I won't be here next Monday - I'll be flaunting my beach body ;) so the next Thinking Slimmer update will be live on Sunday x

Any questions please leave me a comment xx

(The Thinking Slimmer Slim Pod "Create That Summer Beach Body" Was Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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