Monday 2 September 2013

Thinking Slimmer - Slim Pod - Week 15

Yeah I managed to lose a pound this week :) Yes that's a smiley face but in reality I'm a little bit
disappointed. I've tried so hard this week so to just lose a pound when people around you seem to be losing 4 and 5 is a bit disheartening - I guess that's one of the reasons why it doesn't always help to weigh yourself. No matter everybody seems to say that if you loose weight more slowly your more likely to keep it off so I'm hoping that this turns out to be the case, after all the really point of the Thinking Slimmer programme, is to make a permanent change.

The week ahead isn't going to be an easy one, it's my mums birthday on Saturday so we may be having a meal out and I'm going to be making her some yummies on her birthday, but everything in moderation and I'm just going to be extra good leading up to the celebrations.

To find out more about Thinking Slimmer please check out their website here, and please check out my weight loss page, and don't forget to search Thinking Slimmer, in my sidebar so you can find out more about my weight loss journey. xx

(The Thinking Slimmer Slim Pod "Create That Summer Beach Body" Was Provided For Review / Promotional Purposes)


  1. Don't be disheartened lovely Lou. slow and steady wins the race. Remember that :) the tortoise always wins and you are doing so well. You have averaged over a 1lb a week and keeping it off. So proud of you. loads of love jackie x

    1. Thanks Jackie, my GP said the slower you lose the better so I'm pleased this is only the beginning after all x Part 2 starts when I get back from holiday - I really want to make the change permanent x

  2. i think you are doing brilliantly considering you can't go to the gym. keep going!


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