Wednesday 25 September 2013

Are You Going For Gold ? - A Review And Giveaway x

Please excuse the attempt at relieving my youth, but I hadn't heard this song for ages :) What on earth has a piece of indie / Brit pop got to do with this post? well this post is all about the MUA Make Up Academy Going For Gold Eyeshadow Palette.

As you know I'm a huge fan of MUA as a brand and I absolutely love their eyeshadow palettes. I could quite easily buy every single one but lately I've tried to reign it in a bit. One of the last ones that I bought though was Going For Gold.

Released in 2012, there is no doubt that the theme of this palette was the Olympics.The palette features 10 shades and each one is in a shade of gold, silver or bronze.

Like the rest of the palettes from MUA that I've tried, the pigmentation is amazing! All of the shadows feel super smooth and silky, and the pay off is superb. All bar two of the shadows contain heaps of shimmer, and even the two that aren't (2 and 6) aren't completely matte, and certainly aren't lacking in pigmentation.

Despite the similarity in some of the shades this palette is actually extremely versatile, you can create everything from a subtle neutral eye to something bright and vibrant or the classic smokey

This look was based on the mini masterclass on the back of the palette and features shade 7 used all over the lid, shade 9 blended across the outer third of the lid and shade 5 a super bright yellow gold blended into the socket line, and along the lower lash line x


This is another bright look that I created using the light yellow gold colour, shade 7, and the 2 brighter yellow gold, almost mustard shades, 5, and 8.

If yellow gold isn't your bag, using shade 9 all over the lid gives a really stunning bright copper look, which I really think looks gorgeous with my green eyes :)

This palette isn't all about the brights, it has a couple of shades that you can also use to produce a really neutral brown taupe look - this subtle look was created with shades 1 and 3.

So we've covered the bronze and the gold, what about the silver? Well this palette contains 4 shades which are at the cooler end of the colour spectrum - first up this shimmery smokey eye look using shade 4 a beautiful almost liquid silver colour and shade 10, a gorgeous metallic charcoal grey.

If full on shimmer and metallic lustre isn't for you, you can also create a more subtle (haha) smokey eye, with shades 2 and 6, which have more of a satin finish and a lot less shimmer.

When I first looked at the palette I thought it was a bit samey. It seemed as though there were too many colours that were similar. I bought it though and I'm pleased that I did, it's actually a lot more versatile than I'd envisaged. The bright yellow gold have been dug out when I've worn one of my favourite skirts - a bright mustard number, and the neutral tones and smokes have been great for everyday and of course for a dramatic evening look.

If you don't like metallics and shimmers and your more of a matte girl as I said this palette isn't for you. The two more matte shades still have a tiny bit of shimmer and a more satin finish. As well as looking gorgeous shimmer does usually equal a bit of fallout and this palette is no exception as you can probably see from a few of these pictures but this is something that I can live with, just grab a fan brush or a small brush dipped in a bit of face powder and the shimmery bits will be gone. For just £4 I think this palette is great value for money, it's great if these that you love but at the same time the price means that you can experiment a bit.

If you don't fancy shelling out £4 though ;) I have a brand new Going For Gold palette to giveaway. Not only that but you can also win this little guy :)

Yes it's an official London 2012 Olympic keyring featuring one of the official mascots Wenlock :)  I was a bit of a bad blogger and I bought this to giveaway last year but I completely forgot about him - I mean how could I do that !

So yeah one lucky winner will win both items. All you have to do is fill in the entry form below. You've got a little while to enter this one, because I'm going on holiday so this giveaway will end on the 14th October x and it's open worldwide x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading and following and good luck xx

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