Friday 27 September 2013

Foodie Friday - What I Ate In September

Your not going to think it from this post but by and large in September I've ate pretty healthily. The majority of things that I'm going to show you though probably aren't that healthy -  but everything in moderation as the saying goes.

The month started with a big event, Mummy Lou's birthday :) Since we were both saving for our hols instead of going out for a meal, I made one instead - 3 courses plus appetisers :)

We started the meal with the Mediterranean Appetiser Selection from Asda. We really enjoyed this, you got several different types of olives, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella pearls, and habas fritas. Wow the habas fritas were amazing, they are basically fried, salted broad beans - these were gorgeous.If anyone knows where I can buy these on their own or how to make them please let me know :)

For our starter I toasted some slices gluten free white baguette, and topped them with a mixture of baby button mushrooms cooked gently in butter, chopped garlic and just a dash of cream :)

The main course was my Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni with a twist - you can see the recipe I used here x

After an hours rest :) we had some homemade raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake, which was incredible.

I was a bit of a naughty girl and I also had some of my mums birthday cake, I paid the price for it but I love birthday cake - this one was an Asda Celebration cake :)

The rest of my foodie adventures this month have been all about comfort food, and I cooked a couple of my favourite recipes that I've shown you in the past, including this Hot Potato And Quorn Saute.

My veggie chilli x

Broccoli and Stilton soup,

and my Roasted Tomato And Basil Soup x

and I pimped up the leftover soup and added some gluten free spaghetti.

I also made my version of this recipe - Walnut And Broccoli Pasta from the fabulous Wonky Monkey xx

and I tried the phenomenon of the crustless quiche on more than one occasion x

Finally a real comfort meal for me - veggie sausages, veggie onion gravy, and creamy mashed potato - heaven !

Next Friday I will be on holidays but don't despair, I have a scheduled recipe post ready to go up next week for you x Have you eaten anything interesting this month x let me know x


  1. That cheesecake looks so good!xxx

  2. Any chance you can post the cheese cake recipe up please, Louise? I remember it was on lipstick and lollipops blog. I saved the page. But the blog has gone now. Lovely photo of your Mum, she looks so happy.

    1. Thanks gorgeous x I do't have Laura's original recipe anymore but this is exactly the same xx


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