Monday 16 September 2013

My Weekend - intu Metrocentre, Heating Woes, And August Favourites x

I hadn't planned on writing this post today, but as per usual life got in the way, so this is a combination of two posts that were supposed to go up at the weekend.

On Thursday I told all of you lovely people about the Beauty Box event at intu Metrocentre, so on Saturday me and Mummy Lou headed to the centre to have a little peek.

It was pretty quiet when we first arrived so there was ample opportunity to have a little look around the little stands located in the square outside House Of Fraser. Although it was early there were already people there who'd been lucky enough to get makeover appointments, having their hair done, courtesy of some of the salons in the centre and GHD.

The rest of the event comprised of stands from individual brands and stores. Whilst I was familiar with all of the brands, the event did probably make me aware of how many top quality brands are available within intu Metrocentre - Decleor, L'Occitane, Clarins, Bliss and Top Shop were just some of the showcased brands. Also displaying were some of the centres beauty and nail salons.

Personally I didn't learn a great deal, but my highlight was definitely seeing all of the Top Shop nail colours swatched - heaven, and my mum's was having a little try of the L'Occitane Divine Cream

On the whole I think the event was a good idea, but there didn't appear to be a lot of leaflets or information available for potential customers, and I have to be honest and say that some of the staff on the stands seemed to be less than approachable, somebody appeared to be giving some form of leaflets out but they seemed to be very selective as to who they gave them too - me and Mummy Lou didn't get them but someone ahead of us did - very odd! My stand outs from the event were L'Occitane and Top Shop - the ladies on both stands were very pleasant and easy to talk to, and the L'Occitane discount voucher / free gift was a nice touch.

I would love to see them do something similar in the future but I do think that the staff need to be more approachable and there perhaps needs to be some more leaflets, and promotional material on display. Maybe some promotional displays or face charts of how to achieve some of the looks, or even some leaflets or take home samples would make this a more valuable and inclusive event.

We only stayed at the Metrocentre for a couple of hours, stopping briefly for a cheeky Costa trip before coming to a freezing house! I'd had the best of intentions on Saturday and I'd planned to film a video and take some blog pics, but when we got home it was so dark and the heating wouldn't work - Nightmare! so from Saturday till lunchtime today we had no heating and no hot water argh. I soldiered on though and had a busy day yesterday taking blog pictures and recording a video. I don't always put my favourites videos on here but I thought why not x

You've  probably seen quite a few of the things in the video but there are a couple of new items and old ones that I've learnt to love. If you can't see the video here you can check out my You Tube channel here x

So that was my weekend - I hope you've had a good one x let me know what you did in the comments x

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