Friday 3 May 2013

Missing...But Not Completely Gone

Hi Guys -Just a little heads up to let you know that I might be a bit AWOL over the next week or so. My beloved Acer laptop is rapidly giving up the ghost, the fans failing, the battery doesn't last two minutes, I can't open my DVD drive, my keys are sticking and only one of my USB slots works but not all the time, so it's going to laptop hospital aka PC World for repair. I've been told it should take 7 -10 days but since my last experience with them I'm not entirely convinced that I believe that. To be honest you shouldn't notice that I've gone I've got a few posts to go up over the next week or so,  so I'll still be here really. I'm still going to have a bit of internet access via various devices connected to my wifi and my iPhone but I don't know how much blogger access I'll be able to get to reply to comments etc. but if it's urgent try contacting me via twitter x So thanks for sticking with me and I'll see you soon xx

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