Friday 17 May 2013

A Foodie Friday Special - Walkers Baked Hoops And Crosses - A Mini Review And A Special Guest

I'm not a morning person at all so I generally wake up feeling, well a bit crappy. About a fortnight ago though when I was on my blogging hiatus I received a surprise parcel that really helped put a huge smile on my face.

I removed the outer box and found a was a rectangular shaped box decorated in a jungle type design from top crisp and snack manufacturer Walkers.

I opened the box only to be met with the cutest press release I've ever seen, a board book with holes in it very similar in appearance to The Hungry Caterpillar telling my all about their new snack Baked Hoops And Crosses.

The fun didn't end there though underneath the book was this little guy....

How cute is he? a little furry, beanie monkey :) He really made me smile and cheered up my morning no end :)

Better still he came with a packet of the new Walkers Baked Hoops And Crosses in Roast Beef.

Walkers Baked Hoops And Crossed are a wholegrain snack that a very much marketed as a healthy snack and seem to be aimed towards children as a healthier lunchbox option.

Wholegrains are a key component of a healthy balanced diet and recent research published in the British Journal Of Nutrition suggests that young people aged 4-18 just don't eat enough, and in fact 27% don't eat any at all on a daily basis.Walkers Baked Hoops And Crossed contain a massive 56% wholegrain, in this case wholegrain corn meal, and because they are baked and not fried they come in at between 84 and 85 calories for an 18g bag.

They come in 3 flavours Prawn Cocktail, Salt N Vinegar, and the one that I received Roast Beef. All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and contain no gluten, although if you are super sensitive there is the potential for cross contamination during the manufacturing process.

As the name suggest these corn snacks are shaped like hoops and crosses, or as your probably more familiar with noughts and crosses :)

As tempted as I was to have a quick game, these were just too yummy to play with. They have a crunchy texture, and a lovely savoury flavour. They reminded me of something that I used to eat in my own lunch box when I was little, so I can really see these appealing to children.

Yes I know we should be encourage children, and maybe larger children to eat more fruit and vegetables, but the fact is we all love crisps and savoury snacks, so surely it's better to eat something that it designed to be a little bit healthier and  lower in calories. Walkers Baked Hoops And Crosses come in multipacks of 6, 18g bags and they come in 3 flavours, and retail at around £1.89. I'm a huge salt and vinegar fan so I can definitely see myself picking up some more of these when I get back on the diet bandwagon, and of course a huge thank you and thumbs up to Walkers for one of the best PR samples and concepts that I've seen in a while x Have you tried Walkers Baked Hoops And Crosses yet? What's you favourite "healthy" snack? let me know in the comments x

(The Press Pack Shown In This Post Was Provided By Walkers For Review / Promotional Purposes)

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