Wednesday 29 May 2013

Product Rave - Making And Using A Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

The humble bath bomb was probably one of the first products that I ever purchased from Lush's predecessor Cosmetics To Go. They were one of the first companies ever to create these fizzing shapes of loveliness way back in 1989. They make baths fun and in a way that only Lush can with sparkles, dried flowers and even popping candy appearing in these bicarbonate of soda filled bombs.

At the recent North East Lush Event we were given the opportunity to make one of their best selling and one of my favourite bath bombs Space Girl.

As it happened I'd actually used a Space Girl in my bath the night before the event so I was really excited to get the chance to make one.Space Girl has a really sweet, refreshing smell and included essential oils of grapefruit and bergamot.

They made the process easy for us so all we had to do was mix a combination of bicarbonate of soda, with a ready coloured and fragranced mix, with some glitter, sparkles and some popping candy.

We had to pop some gloves on as this was messy, lol then we had to fill the plastic planetary shaped molds with the bath bomb mix.

Then we sandwiched the two halves together and taped them together, and were given the instructions to leave it for 24 hours to harden.

We were told to to try and keep it upright, but unfortunately mine got a bit bashed up in my bag and emerged broken - sob :(

I'm thinking I should have put some more in my mold and maybe not brayed it around in my bag lol but it worked just fine. I've done a little video for you so you can see exactly how bath bombs work if you've being living under a rock and haven't tried them yet :) Excuse the shaky camera work it you can xx If you can't see it please check it here x

Space Girl has a really lovely smell, and it turns the water a gorgeous shade of lilac to purple. Like a lot of Lush bath bombs it's full of sparkles (Lush are no longer using plastic glitter!!!), but Space Girl also contains popping candy which gives it even more fizz and crackle.

Space Girl retails at £2.10  from Lush stores and online which means that its one of Lush's cheaper bath ballistics - still that is just for one bath though, so their not the cheapest bath option on the market but their probably one of the most fun options out there and you can always try my mums trick and smash them up with a hammer to get more than one use out of them LOL. Are you a fan of Lush bath bombs? let me know in the comments and please let me knows which one is your favourite ?

(The Lush Space Girl In This Post Was Made By And Provided By Lush Metro Centre At The Recent North East Lush Blogger Event)

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